Bioware Reveals New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art

The Bioware team has shared yet another new piece of Dragon Age 4 concept art, highlighting the universe’s refreshed look. It is still unknown how far the next Dragon Age game is away from release, as the development of the project recently restarted after Anthem’s eventual shutdown.

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leahcim47d ago

so happy this is next gen only!

--Onilink--47d ago

“Recently restarted after Anthem’s shutdown”

Thats plain wrong, DA4 development hasnt been restarted recently, it has been going on for quite a while and the Anthem team working on the Next concept was known to be relatively small, with the meeting to determine if it was cancelled or moved to become a bigger project

enkiduxiv47d ago

Man. They really are getting good at this concept art. One day there may even be a cgi trailer with three seconds of walking so they can call it a gameplay trailer. That’s probably still at least 20 years away though.

--Onilink--47d ago

Any trailer shown before a game is less than a year out will only be a vertical slice made up specifically for the trailer. By now you should be aware of all the problems that can result in.

Im perfectly fine with getting concept art and waiting for a trailer instead of getting something that may not represent the actual game

(Also, not sure what that has to do with my comment, DA4 development has been going on for a while now, it didnt restart after the Anthem cancellation, thats a fact)

Darkborn47d ago

After the initial E3 Anthem reveal, why would you trust anything Bioware shows off before a game comes out? That trailer was striaght up fraudulent and wasn't even what they were developing until after that trailer wow'd the audience.

enkiduxiv47d ago

@Onilink Yeah. I didn't mean to post this as a reply to your comment. Sorry about that.

savedsynner46d ago

Yeah, saw that too. I'm like DA4 wasn't restarted. That said, I am super excited for it's release. Each game has gotten better gameplay wise and IMO, even tho DA2 was a step back in the story dept(most likely due to it's incredibly rushed schedule), DA3 was fun to play as a game and enjoy as a story. After the failure of Anthem and MEA, I think DA4 will be a smash hit because Bioware will do everything they can to restore the name of their once great studio.

PectoralFlex47d ago

Excited for the game, but ngl, the concept art and trailers have looked kinda web-browser-game-ish.

polinap46d ago

same here, next gen is the way forward :))