Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Gets New Footage and Comparison For PS5

Square Enix has released a new video showcasing an extended look at Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and its visual upgrade on PS5.

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TheRealTedCruz187d ago

Little difference, outside of some added volumetric lighting and fog.
Improvement is improvement, but definitely only minor tweaks in terms of visuals.

Sonic-and-Crash187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

exactly ..some Lighting effects and fog doesnt make the difference ....Environment was needing complete overhaul , improvng its art, augment its geometry, redisigning textures and assets to resemble og FF7

kylie753187d ago

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abstractel187d ago

What were you guys expecting? What have you guys seen from other developers that is so much better than this (Spider-man Morales and the benefits it brought to the Spider-man game overall doesn't count). I think the lit fog looks beautiful and greatly enhances many scenes. Having said that, definitely looking forward to seeing more from Square's Japanese studios. FF XVI is looking pretty good as is Forspoken even if I'm personally expecting even more from the new consoles once 1-2 years have passed.

Gardenia187d ago

The video is in 1080p so you won't see a difference except the lightning and fog. I don't know why they even bothered uploading this video if it is not in 4K.

GottaBjimmyb187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Yea, compressed 1080p in Youtube makes it a tough distinction. Honestly I wouldn't even say lighting looked all that much better, the PS4 version looks better in some respects. I suspect that is due to different time of day or location of light source as ray-tracing doesn't seem to be in play. The PS5 definitely seems brighter, and the light sources (like neon) seem more defined in some areas, but it does seem like part of that is due to cranked brightness or contrast, because it does also seem more washed out in a couple spots. I am not a fan of the fog effect either, very muddy.

Biggest improvements visible in this format are LOD and draw distance, and FPS; Otherwise resolution (which we cannot fully see here) and cruddy looking fog seem to be about it. For free though, it honestly seems fair.

I see a few mentioned improved textures, I honestly don't see it, but I only watched once through and it is a compressed Youtube video after all.

Eonjay187d ago

The biggest improvement is the performance mode. That mixed with the added effects and improved textures will look great.

RaiderNation187d ago

I dont know. Going from 30fps > 60fps is pretty big. That alone makes me glad that I waited to play this.

Babadook7187d ago

Lots of subtle little tweaks. Can't wait to play it again.

Horseygamer186d ago

the video in hd 1080p square has not released a 4k video witch does keep you guesing??

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SDuck187d ago

should they even be doing trailers for graphic comparisons when the graphics are identical!?

Om4ever187d ago

It's just not a good publicity for them

Lionsguard187d ago

I'm sure there are improvements but the video is in 1080p and coupled with YouTube's compression, you're just not going to see it on video.

SDuck186d ago

I'm aware of that but those things just prove my point. I'm not trying to be negative. The game already looked amazing so there's no point to advertise this improvements as if they were major things. They are just the expected improvements a PS5 would present

MrNinosan187d ago

Why post this weeks after it was news?

Pyrofire95187d ago

This is an extended trailer. I think it's about 2 extra minutes of comparisons.

Fraggle1987187d ago

The 60fps difference is Massive! Combat looks so much smoother. The visual upgrade is great too and the loading times are near instant. Looks like a really worthwhile upgrade over the ps4 version. I wish this was the version I played instead of the ps4 one.


Visuals/framerate aside, is this worth getting for a person that's never played an FF game....but enjoys JRPGs like Persona, DQ, and Octopath?

LiViNgLeGaCY187d ago

Yes, because I love all the games you mentioned, plus FF7 Remake.


@LiViNgLeGaCY Thanks man! Hopefully Microsoft announces it for the Series X next month since Sony only paid for one year of exclusivity.

lucian229187d ago

I believe it has 2 years exclusivity ; but it is def an amazing game

TheRealTedCruz187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I mean, that depends. The games you listed are very much styled around classic jrpgs, where FF7 remake ks far from.
If you haven't played the original, you may want to try the Steam version. Updated character models, filtering for the texture work, a few quality of life changes, and is plug and play with virtually any controller. Not to mention it runs on virtually anything, if you don't have a gaming PC.

You may very well enjoy the remake, but the original is a lot closer to the games you listed.

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SegaSaturn669187d ago

Wouldn't the vanilla ps4 version played on ps5 have 60fps??

andy85187d ago

This game should have been a PS5 game in my opinion. You could see how it struggled with textures and corridor areas for loading. I really hope the next game will be next gen only because it vastly limits the scale of what it could be having to design areas around an SSD. Especially as the world map is about to unlock. having to cater to old tech may mean we don't get the full open world map. By the time it's released supple should be plentiful

andy85187d ago

Around an HDD I meant 🤣

Pyrofire95187d ago

That's just how end of a generation games are. Very impressive but ultimately you can see limitations.
This is also a HUGE investment of an installment and releasing only on PS5 would butcher the number of units they could sell. Every PS5 owner would have to have bought it to even come close. Not to mention all the PS4 owners who would want to buy it but aren't able to get a PS5.
Also I'm right with you on the SSD front. There are areas of Cloud squeezing in through tight spots that is obviously just a load and with an SDD areas can be much more open and seemless. Very exciting.

andy85187d ago

That's the thing though, it's looking likely that the next installment will be next gen only. That's gonna piss off and alienate people who bought the first part and don't have a PS5. With the limited actual exclusives available I do think it would have sold well on the 5. Of course it will always be better sales wise to release it on the older gen though

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