The Platinum Architect – Mark Cerny On His Fascination With PlayStation Trophies

Game Informer writes: "We talked to the chief architect of PlayStation 5 about the games he plays to completion. "

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-Foxtrot180d ago

"So, if the Platinum Trophy needs online, I skip it"

If Mark even knows this you'd think he'd drop a memo to ask if they could separate online trophies

bouzebbal180d ago

Depends which ones.. Killzone 2online trophies are what made me love the series so much... And taught me how to play the game

180d ago
-Foxtrot180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

If it’s

“Play 10 games of Deathmatch”


“Play every mode”

However things like

“Get 5 headshots in a row using the high powered scope sniper rifle”


“As X character, perform a ultimate attack and then strike an opponent killing them with a melee attack within 5 seconds”

No thanks, relies far too much on luck not just skill

Sunny_D179d ago

I hated that shit in KZ2. Didn't have nowhere enough time to play the game online to be top 1% for the week.

Dirtnapstor180d ago

Generally speaking, unless they're easy to obtain, having to acquire online trophies to get the Plat is a real deterrent.
The only online trophies that I've ever gone after hardcore were the ones in Battlefield 3 & 4.

Teflon02179d ago

Problem is servers may go offline making the platinum never obtainable, plus the ones that need you to be a loner at home for a week etc. Or even ones like ModNation Racers where you had to essentially have one of the most popular items in the game to platinum. Because I had the most popular charlie brown skin and pretty successful tracks and only hit 28 on create and never got all the trophies mainly because of it. LBP's are alot more reasonable and understandable because the whole game pretty much consists of online after the story. But even then they should make the online ones separate like they're an online pack or something

Hellcat2020180d ago

I'm shocked he even has time to play this many games

Viking_mo180d ago

He has cuphead and demon souls platinum. When i saw them he was so calm about it showing no rage lol

DeadManMMX179d ago

Hmm I would like a Cuphead Platinum. I will depart for that now....

BattleCat180d ago

It's slowly time for cerny, to make a good game now. It knacked away...
The ps5 is very good, but why not using his brain & talent for a real good game.

Dark_Overlord180d ago

Shame Sony as a whole gives zero fucks about the trophy system :/

Deathdeliverer180d ago

What makes you say that? It works no different than Xbox achievements/ Steam achievements/ and so on. They also revamped it to levels. What more do you think should be happening?

Dark_Overlord177d ago

How about making sure trophies actually work in games before allowing them to release, sorting lists so they can sync (there's a lot of games that still don't).

Making it pretty doesn't fix the long term issues. Sony has no interest in making sure devs have working trophies or even making sure lists sync.

Gamist2dot0180d ago

Tell that to the guy who won the Killzone 3 costume with the Trophy contest. They also tried to turn Trophies into rewards. Wonder what happened to it though.

RazzerRedux180d ago

lol....what are you even talking about?

179d ago
Teflon02179d ago

They revamped trophies last year making em even better lmao. They were already the best achievement system outside the lack of individual tracking. And now they have it with features to help in some cases so you don't gotta go online. No achievement award is a better feeling than a platinum.

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