Xbox Showcase Announced Focusing on Indies

Xbox is hosting an Indie games showcase on March 26 exclusively on Twitch with new debut trailers and gameplay reveals.

AngelicIceDiamond800d ago

As expected. Can't wait to see more on Stalker 2.

Vits800d ago

There will not be any gameplay of Stalker 2. The devil clarified that it's only going to be a behind the scenes.

RaidenBlack799d ago

"The devil"? 😄
Damn the short-lived edit button.

Vits799d ago


I mean "devil" still get the point across? lol

But it was the devs kids and they are nice as far as I know.

AuraAbjure799d ago

I'm really stoked about indie games for Series X. With Unreal Engine 4 being basically free and Zen + APUs getting cheaper by the day, there is so much opportunity for people to build a cheapo PC and make awesome games that also look great running 1080p @ 60 FPS.