Yu Suzuki and Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada talk Virtua Fighter 6 and cancelled Tekken Dreamcast title.

SEGA-AM2 legendary arcade designer Yu Suzuki (Virtua Fighter), Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada and Arc System Works’ Toshimichi Mori talk about the histories of their franchises that included Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Blazblue.

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darthv72134d ago

After a successful Soul Calibur, Tekken seemed like a no brainer but I guess that was just too tied to PS. Time Crisis would have been nice to have on DC as well seeing as Sega sort of dropped the ball on their Virtua Cop (later made for Xbox).

purple101134d ago

soul calibur dreamcast, was for me, the greatest game of all time,.

not very often people say that about a fighting game, usually a big adventure / action or rpg type game.

for me, i could literally feel the love they had put in to it. oozing out.

XiNatsuDragnel134d ago

This interview is insightful

neomahi132d ago

Yu Suzuki doesnt have time for that, he needs to finish Shenmue.

Acecalibur132d ago

Please PLEASE make a new Virtua Fighter. The King must return to restore balance