Gamesworld: half RROD - troubleshooting

Gamesworld reports about an other RROD case.
A writer describes the story in an article about how it happened and what he could have done to preserve it.

The link shows a translated version.

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InMyOpinion3703d ago

I wish I could report this for "extremely bad web design" lol!

It's the worst site design I've seen in my entire life.

hitthegspot3702d ago

Thanks, I now have a headache.

This is total trash. I'm running NHL 2k9 off the HD and it's 100% quieter than the dvd drive. I'm also seeing great load times.

3701d ago
BrianC62343701d ago

"Thanks, I now have a headache"

Shouldn't that be

I now for thanks have a headache.

gamfreak3702d ago

Extend the warranty already M$........ Hahahahahahahaha.

Citizen Cook3702d ago

Make people take an IQ test in the shops.

InMyOpinion3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

In any case, no RROD is better than half RROD.

timmyrulz3702d ago

Personally i think the word RROD needs to be banned now, its getting a bit tiresome.

I'm going to change it to "Le ring ala error" or "The three quartered ring of substancial annoyance" or even "for fcuk sake my xbox is fooked, quick honey whats the number for MS customer services ring"

Darkseider3702d ago

Seeing that people associate the RRoD with disappointment why not call it..

"The Wedding Ring"?

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