Starfield Scheduled for Late 2021 Launch, Barring COVID-Related Delays

Journalist Jeff Grubb says Bethesda plans to show off the game at E3, and then launch it a few months later.

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RazzerRedux1190d ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this game. I love space-based games like these. Hopefully it is heavy on spaceship battles. Rebel Galaxy on steroids is what I'm thinking.

kythlyn1190d ago

I'm also eager to see more of this game, but I'm highly skeptical of a 2021 release window.

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notachance1190d ago

definitely excited to see the gameplay
I got the feeling it's gonna be fallout in space tho

RazzerRedux1189d ago

"I got the feeling it's gonna be fallout in space tho"

I hope not

patrick11189d ago

This would be a huge year one release.

CaptainHenry9161189d ago

If it's coming out this year it will probably be a multiplatform game. I know the Xbox fanboys will be upset 😆

iplay1up21189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

It will be on Game Pass day one. So of it does release multi platform you will have to shell out $69.99 for it for PS5

Series X is a fantastic system. I will pick up PS5 once a few more Sony exclusives come out. Right now there are a ton of games optimized for the new Xbox hardware. Quick resume is a feature that Sony really needs to do on PS5.

CaptainHenry9161189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I won't have to shell out $69.99 for it because I'll be playing it on windows 10 game pass but Sony fans will have too like you said.

Quick resume is only good if you have game pass. Sony would have to create their own version of game pass for quick resume

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AngelicIceDiamond1190d ago

This rumor has been goin on pretty strongly for awhile now a late 2021 title is lookin more and more likely.

The Bethesda conference will confirm gameplay and details this summer. Apparently it's 90% likelihood this game is ready to be shown.

GottaBjimmyb1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I mean, 90% of these "rumors" (xbox rumors just generally, but bethesda stuff as well) are all coming from this same guy and he repeats it to different people and it gets a new article everytime. This guy has made so many statements a couple are bound to be right, but seems to be nothing more than educated guessing, not informed.

If it does come this year, unless it was already to be exclusive, I highly doubt this game doesn't make it to PS5.

LOGICWINS1190d ago

I actually think it would be strategic for MS to allow Starfield to come to PS5. If the game is THAT good, it would encourage Playstation guys to sign up for Game Pass, play on PC, or buy an Xbox when Starfield 2 (definitely not coming to Playstation) comes out.

AngelicIceDiamond1190d ago

Jeff Grubb is a fairly credible insider. He could be hearing more and more rumblings as the time approaches. He's more than just a educated guesser considering he has a decent track record as a legit insider.

DJStotty1189d ago


If they allow the game on PS5, how will that encourage Playstation guys to sign up for gamepass?

MadLad1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )


He just wants to see it on Playstation so Microsoft can't call it an exclusive lol. It's like so many on here believe that bringing Sony games to PC is going to, somehow, be this giant revelation to PC gamers. Causing them to go out, en masse, and buy a Playstation for the sequel.

Yeah ... no.
Everyone knew games like Horizon Zero Dawn were good. They just didn't feel like buying a Playstation to play them. Whereas MS has both the PC and console market to sell to, they aren't going to be too accommodating to Playstation with many titles.

CaptainHenry9161189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Starfield 2 won't be able for another 7 years when the next gen consoles releases 😁 we know how Bethesda do things

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Rebel_Scum1190d ago

It will get announced and then delayed, calling it now lol.

Shiken1190d ago

Common tactic for new consoles really. Ragnarok and GT7 are good examples of this as well.

Extermin8or3_1189d ago

@shiken not being funny but ragnarok has not been officially delayed yet.

ArchangelMike1190d ago

The real question we want to know is if it will now be gamepass exclusive?!

AngelicIceDiamond1190d ago

No, it'll be a full 60 or 70$ game physical and digital release. It's hitting gamepass day and date but it's not only on gamepass.

Orchard1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

From what MS has said so far:

This will be a PC + Xbox exclusive, and will be on game pass day 1 - but you will still be able to go buy it at full price on either of those platforms if you'd prefer.

RazzerRedux1190d ago

"This will be a PC + Xbox exclusive"

That is a safe assumption, but that is not what Microsoft has said.

ocelot071190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Am just waiting for them to just say this is PC and Xbox only. Not sure why its so difficult for them to say that?

Father__Merrin1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

This game has been in development on ps5 for a long time in fact ironically Sony approached Bethesda for some kind of exclusive deal on Starfield I highly doubt they will just cancel all together PS development.

I can picture this being on gamepass earlier than the rest mabey even 3 months early but that's just a rental

DJStotty1189d ago

Oh look Father_Merrin is here again with his gamepass downplay!!!

Starfield, gamepass Day 1, not 3 months before anyone else, and if you think gamepass is a "rental", just buy it lol.