Payday 2: City of Gold – Dragon Pack Released Today

Game studio Starbreeze has officially announced the release of Payday 2: City of Gold – Dragon Pack for all platforms.

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HyperMoused94d ago

Loved this game, but it just seems a bit milked, its been out for years though having said that id buy payday 3.

DaveZero93d ago

Fantastic game but super ultra lazy crap developers and publisher behind it which I think anyone who was there from the beginning of payday 2 on console will vouch for it.

It was one heck of a story trying to get these Publishers and Devs to do a damn thing for years and years they didn't care about console players, they lied to fans, back tracked on plans, patches were thin and executed poorly, the list just goes on really.

If there is one publisher and set if Devs I'll never buy from again, it's certainly these because if what they put people through. I am just shocked they continue to operate especially since they killed payday 2 on console, yet again what could you expect from an unregulated industry.