Xbox Wireless Headset review

Finder: We review Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Headset, which puts immersive next-gen audio within reach of all Xbox Series X and Series S gamers.

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Latex74133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Have to admit just received mine today good quality very easy to set up better than I was expecting people have to remember this is only 90 pounds so it's not high end . Played cod sound was excellent infact I had to turn the head set down as it was too loud . But the sound was very crisp and you could hear all the foot steps around me and all the other sounds in game very impressive . Have not used the mic but every one was coming in nice an clear thought the headset u can up the bass but I did not feel like I needed to as it was very good anyway . Over all great headset for the money put it this way ive payed more and got headsets that were crap so I'm very happy

Sayai jin133d ago

Thanks for sharing your experience. I ordered one for me and a few for others to test and review. I have Astro A50s, but wanted to see what these can do.

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zahdab133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

i still have not opened mine ... waiting to see more impressions by real people so thank you :D, though one thing i dont get is most reviews seem to state how they can hear footsteps of other players in games, i havent used a headset that didnt allow me to hear footsteps so not sure why this is a selling point

marquisray133d ago

I got a pair today and to me these sound better then my arctis 9x, they are louder and lighter

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OneLove133d ago

These are sold out everywhere now......smh

AriesBear133d ago

Dolby Atmos has always been a paid for app on Xbox. It’s not made by Microsoft. 14.99 to unlock this permanently is a great deal as it works on any headset. But I would recommend a Dolby Atmos sound bar for the best experience with Xbox or 7.1 Atmos setup. Not a headset.