Cory Barlog Admits He Had 'No Idea' What He Was Doing When Directing God of War 2

"In news that’s sure to make you feel old, God of War II is celebrating its 14th anniversary this weekend. The game – which launched on the PlayStation 2 after the release of the PS3 – is widely regarded as a classic, with its larger-than-life set-pieces and overall mastery of Sony’s hardware. It also saw Cory Barlog take the directorial reins from series creator David Jaffe."

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RazzerRedux101d ago

God of War 2 was amazing. Probably my favorite of the original trilogy.

Abnor_Mal101d ago

What, you didn't like wandering the dessert listening for sirens?

bouzebbal100d ago

GOW 2was insane and a noticeable upgrade compared to the first one which was also insane.. It was one of my ps3 launch line up games.. They released around same day in Europe.

PaulFiend100d ago

I've never had any problems with this level in GoW, it wasn't even that long.

ScootaKuH100d ago

Yes. I'm torn between 2 and 3 as my favourite. I'll say 2 because I remember I bought a PS3 and was playing GoW2 on it, and even then was blown away by how good it looked. The Colossus battle was, and still is, so memorable.

I would love either a HD re-release of the original trilogy on PS5, or, a full on Bluepoint remake.

Shane Kim100d ago

Remakes a la Demon Souls by Bluepoint of the first three games.

darthv72100d ago

Mine too. All I can say is the scale in the Steeds of Time was just off the chart. And the fight with the colossus of rhodes was equally as epic.

franwex101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Hehe, well-he fooled me. I thought he knew exactly what he was doing the entire time.

Also his apartment reminds me of my apartment while in college. LOL. Which is when GOW 2 came out.

TheColbertinator101d ago

God of War 2 looked so good for its time. The PS3 and 360 were already out by then but that art direction still gave the game luster on the PS2.

SickSinceSix101d ago

God of War (2018) is great but II is still my favorite. It's been 14 years? Damn!

Now bring on the Ragnarok gameplay reveal

Eyesoftheraven101d ago

This makes me wonder how many gigs out there one could get away with accomplishing while having NO IDEA THE ENTIRE TIME how to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.