IGN: Killzone 2 Updated Hands-on

IGN writes: "By now, you've probably seen the E3 2005 trailer for Killzone 2, which highlighted an aerial invasion that quickly descended into a brutal warzone between the ISA and Helghast forces in the middle of a city. Bodies were immolated or ripped to pieces by gunfire, explosions destroyed aircraft and jeeps alike, and the chaos of battle was rather apparent. While the arguments online raged over whether or not the trailer was CG or gameplay footage in real time, everyone could agree on one fact: the bar Guerrilla Games had set was extremely high, but if they managed to accomplish that, it would be one of the most visually striking shooters ever made. Hermen Hulst, Managing Director of Guerrilla Games, mentioned during a presentation at their studios that the trailer was "clearly one of the benchmarks that we set for the project – the sheer intensity and chaos of the battlefield." As striking as it was, Guerrilla already has plans to eclipse this trailer with the final release of Killzone 2, which is scheduled to hit shelves in February 2009."

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Cyrus3653696d ago

Must read preview, goes very technical, like how 1 SPU is used to make sure the game is locked at 30 frames a second, and it defers the load, when it's heavy fighting to all 6 spu, but even so none are used more than 60%, so it's even possible for further improvements down the road.

PS3 FTW3696d ago

This game is gonna be INCREDIBLE! Everything about the game is gonna awesome! I wish I could sleep for 2.5 months at once so I could wake up on February 17th. Like they say if you fall asleep early on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning will get there sooner.

el_bandito3696d ago

I feel the chill when I read the preview page by page. The game has surely improved since E3 2005. February is nearing....

Masta_fro3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

game looks great..

Im gonna stop reading previews from now on; dont want to ruin the experience...not one bit

Danja3696d ago

i'll continue to read previews interested about everything this game has to offer and since i can't play it for another 2 months..previews will have to do....4 now..

plus I wanna see who will give the next bad write up just to be the odd one out..

solidjun53696d ago

next bad write-up? I would give that to either Gamedaily or the idiot Lono from sarcastic gamer.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago

Idiot Lano? Heck, that description is reserved for nearly half of the idiots in the GamerCastNetwork. You can't count the number of fanboys in that network and their arguments trying to defend their slant makes for some funny humor and if was scripted on paper would make for great butt wipe.

marinelife93696d ago

During a heavy firefight only one of the SPU's got up to 60%? I can't wait to see Killzone 3 then!

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Jamie Foxx3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

or should i say nitpicking as this game does so many things right is the flamethrower...the flame looks to thin i want it to be all engulfing i hope they change that well thats my opinion

apart from that killzone is looking very very promising

great read ign us

cyclindk3696d ago

You're absolutely right; nitpicking and bashing are two different things and I think most agree that the flame effect is a little weak only compared to the rest of the awesome visuals.

At least it doesn't look like the flamethrower from Haze, thank God.

poeo3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

i read that it's not actually a flamethrower, but NAPALM (which is way more kickass and not cliché).

like this:

thor3696d ago

The flamethrower is more akin to an _actual_ flamethrower.

If you didn't know, flamethrowers really work by spewing a load of flaming oil/tar (I think) at the target. They don't just fire a flame out of the end like a blowtorch as in many other games. It's refreshing to see a realistic take on the weapon.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

If you have actually seen a real flame thrower, you would see it spits out a liquid that is lit and once it hits it's target, it consumes the target in flames. The KZ2 flame thrower is pretty good.

bviperz3696d ago

The flame thrower shown in KZ2 is realistic. I am glad they didn't go for the Hollywood version because they are keeping the game as a realistic shooter and not arcade shooter.

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pwnsause3696d ago

"There's much more to the Killzone 2 engine than deferred rendering and screen passes; in fact, Arjan mentioned that every composite that is rendered within the game is placed solely upon the SPUs to lock in the framerate at a solid 30 FPS. During small battles, one or two SPUs will pick up a majority of the action, but during heavy firefights with large explosions and numerous characters onscreen, all six SPUs will pick up the load and balance everything accurately. Surprisingly, even within the heaviest firefight onscreen, Arjan pointed out that the largest load on each one of the SPUs didn't exceed 60%, which ensured that the framerate remained consistent throughout the game."

I guess this is how Insomniac Kept Resistance 2 From Lagging and Keeping it on a stable frame rate, which is Very Remarkable if you ask me.

akaFullMetal3696d ago

crazy huh, even with all that going on, only 60 percent of the spu's need to be used. Wonder what its going to be like when gaems us over 80 percent.

pwnsause3696d ago

Keep in Mind this article is from the IGN US Division, they were not the ones that made that Article about their complaints on KZ2, that was IGN AU, the Harshest of the 3 Divisions I believe.

LinuxGuru3696d ago

Wow, the technical details impress me. Very very impressive, that engine is so incredibly detailed. They've done a lot of hard work on this game...GG deserves all praise and compliments they get for Killzone 2.

You know a game is turning out well when you actually have to actively seek out something wrong with it. If you actually have to go looking for problems....then that's definitely a good thing.

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