Payday 2 City of Gold Teased in Latest Dev Update; Jiu Feng Pack Released as Intro to New Story DLC

In latest Payday 2 development update, the studio gave a super quick Payday 2 City of Gold teaser, and talked about the upcoming expansion.

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zero_jp97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

This company crashing and burning makes me happy. They have screwed over console fans from the beginning.

They had no problem taking their money and then delivering less updates, features, and content than PC.

They shipped Payday on Xbox broken and it continues to be broken because you can’t matchmake from the map like on Switch, PlayStation, and PC.

The Walking Dead bombing and that other game they released gives me great pleasure. Now they’re trying to hold on to the only base they have left which is PC Heist fans who are still enjoying Payday 2 and keeping them on life support.

Either way good riddance to them. I’ll never support any of their titles again.