Killzone 2 single player preview with new screens (P3Zine)

Digital PlayStation 3 magazine, P3Zine, has a new issue out with a cover feature on the single player of Killzone 2 which they have been playing. The issue has several exclusive new Killzone 2 screens, an interview with the developer, plus free Killzone 2 desktops and screensaver to round it off. All you need is Adobe Reader, as P3Zine is free to download.

While the preview is overwhelmingly positive on Killzone 2, it does include minor criticisms of one of the boss fights and characterisation in the game, which it hopes to see improved before the game ships. Download the issue here and read the full coverage.

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Calluk3698d ago

Killzone 2 = The best game of this generation

xjxdoggystyyle3698d ago

just like lil big planet was gonna be..this game is hyped on n4g only this will come and go with a wimper just like all other ps3 exclusives

DavidMacDougall3698d ago

PS3 > 360

DVD player > 360 (Because it works!)

A chair > 360 (Doesn't burn you alive)

This Keyboard > 360 (There the same price but the keyboard is worth it)

beavis4play3698d ago

talking smack is one thing but making a foolish comment is another. come up with some new material.

Calluk3698d ago

Killzone 2 = Best game of this generation

DavidMacDougall3698d ago

Its looking good and i hope it is ,should be a good start of the year for Sony

micro_invader3698d ago

Cool magazine, thanks N4G.