The Crash 4 PS5 upgrade fixes the game’s biggest issue

The Crash 4 PS5 upgrade ups the resolution and locks the frame rate, but the load times are the biggest and best addition.

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Gardenia99d ago

I find 10 seconds still a lot for insanely fast SSD. But to be fair, the game was made for last gen, not PS5.

andy8599d ago

Smaller load times will certainly make the platinum trophy easier, whether I want to put myself thorough that is another question 😂

Kurisu99d ago

I've never been a "trophy hunter" myself, the only platinum I have is from Tekken 7 which I unlocked without even trying. Once I get a PS5 I'm going to learn to spend more time with games that I enjoy and maybe start trying to get some more platinums. I can't wait.

Applejack99d ago

I still need to come back to this game. Since I bought my PS5, I neglected it and I’m not sure why since it’s so amazing. I feel bad for not finishing it sooner but this upgrade is pushing it closer to the top of my backlog.

TakeTori99d ago

Actually, the worst thing about the BASE ps4 version was that the game ran at an unlocked framerate but was never able to reach 60fps and always ran somewhere between 30 and 55, with no adaptive sync technology enabled of any kind. I hate playing my games at 30fps, but I'll tolerate it for exclusives I can't play on PC. However, unlocked frames on consoles without adaptive sync makes the experience SO much worse than just playing at 30fps locked.

The constant 60fps on PS5 has to feel so incredibly good. Can't wait to play it again on PC this month at 144fps.

yeahokwhatever98d ago

they stole the subtitle from Sharknado 6.