M.U.L.E. - GameStooge retro review

If you're of a "certain age", and were a heavy duty Commodore 64 user, how much nostalgia does Roy Glover's theme bring? Yes, M.U.L.E. was out for the Atari computers, the Nintendo consoles, and so forth, but this was the "real version", the only version that truly counted, back from when Electronic Arts meant Electronic Artists.

There have been few attempts to remake M.U.L.E. (like Space H.O.R.S.E.), but none have ever come close to the magic of M.U.L.E. at its best - and probably no game ever will. M.U.L.E. came at just the right time and at the right technology. If M.U.L.E. was re-released with updated graphics and sound, it would probably flop - in part because it requires planning and cunning, which few gamers expect or desire.

What are your memories of M.U.L.E.? Let GameStooge know.

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