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20 Bethesda Games from the World’s Most Iconic Franchises Available in Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

Xbox News Wire:

We’ve always been fans, but now we’re family As we shared earlier this week, we’ve officially welcomed ZeniMax Media and Bethesda to the Xbox family, adding even more incredible talent, creative diversity, and beloved gaming franchises to an already stacked Xbox lineup.

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Community96d ago
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Paytaa96d ago

Phil Spencer confirms in the Bethesda roundtable that all future Bethesda titles that do not have pre-existing contractual obligations will only arrive to platforms fostering Xbox Game Pass. roughly 10min in.


Anyone who thought otherwise was living in denial. The “some” in that Xbox Wire article was a PR tactic. Outright announcing that all FUTURE Bethesda titles will be on Xbox, Xcloud, and PC only would have taken the steam out of future exclusivity announcements.

AngelicIceDiamond96d ago

Starfield confirmed exclusive if that's the case.


@AngelicIceDiamond Thing is, we don’t know which games are under contractual obligation. I would assume both Starfield and Indiana Jones are Xbox/PC exclusives, but we can’t say for sure. What we do know is that the days of new Bethesda games appearing on PlayStation are numbered.

Orchard96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Yep... so if you bring gamepass to your platform, you get Zenimax games. Otherwise, they are Xbox/PC exclusive.

Exact timestamp:

96d ago
Orchard96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

@Deep_Space_One I wouldn't say most people are cheering it on - personally, I think exclusivity all-up is bad because:

1. I don't need to justify/self-validate my purchase of a game console that way, there's plenty of good content from 3rd parties.
2. It just means people miss out on good IP's - not everyone can afford to buy all 3 consoles + a gaming PC
3. It may even help kill off some IP's which could've had more success if they were on every platform

But there is a lot of interest in this topic, it's been an open question on peoples minds for 6+ months now - so people are happy to finally have somewhat of an answer.

darthv7296d ago Show
TheRealTedCruz96d ago


I don't even want to hear it after seeing the temper tantrum had on this site after Sony announced they're going to put more focus on the PC market.

96d ago
DaveZero96d ago

Wow downvotes on actual fact, what a surprise.

DJStotty96d ago


"And of course all the unbiased xbox fanboys are cheering them on."

I thought all xbox games are available on PC? or did i miss something? Just get them on PC, everyone here prefers the PS5/PC combination, so this news affects no one right?

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Vits96d ago

Good. Now we don't need to keep arguing over what the last statement meant.

Though I wouldn't read much into that "only for platforms with GP". As I don't see they actually creating version for PlayStation and Switch of the service. Other than the streaming version.

--Onilink--96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I cant say I heard it the same way tbh, not only does he not say “only” on platforms with gamepass, but besides contractual obligations he mentions games with Legacy on other platforms, as the “exceptions”.

I think the best approach is to stop trying to read so much into simple statements and simply wait until those games are announced. There is nothing to gain by speculating

Paytaa96d ago

Legacy games meaning on-going GaaS games like FO76 and ESO and whatever potential DLC may drop for games that are already out.

The only game that may be an exception going forward is Indiana Jones since it's through Disney.

--Onilink--96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

@ Paytaa

He had already mentioned those games before and he didnt really said legacy games, he said games with legacy on other platforms. Its just as easy to interpret that how you said or as games with multiple entries on other platforms (like ES or Fallout).

Again, to me trying to come up with a definitive answer from such vague statements doesnt make much sense, its easier to wait. There is nothing to gain from speculating, otherwise people will just end up complaining again about what Phil Spencer said.

For me personally, since I have both consoles, I just dont care either way. And if someone only has a PS5, there isnt anything you can do anyway at this point. If ES comes to PS5, you play it, if it doesnt, you dont (or get a pc or xbox), simple as that

Sciurus_vulgaris96d ago

Sony and Nintendo will not allow Gamepass on their platforms, that I’m certain.

D3TH_D33LR96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Don’t be so certain. Willing to bet all services will be available on both the major console, Nintendo most definitely not but that’s a hardware issue more than anything. It’ll require a sub to both services and likely will cost a dollar or two more on the competitors side. Just wait... people said crossplay would never happen too

DJStotty96d ago

Sony definitely will not, allowing a direct competitor to PSNOW on their platform?

Got more chance platting water

CaptainHenry91696d ago (Edited 96d ago )

The best part with the Bethesda exclusives is that Sony will most likely answer with their own versions of the games that used to be released by Bethesda on playstation. I would like to see naughty dog get out of their comfort zone and make a fantasy RPG just like Guerilla Game's got out of their comfort zone. More games is a good thing. Microsoft is keeping Sony on their toes

Father__Merrin96d ago

He also mentioned in the same sentence aBout releasing on other platforms in future due to legecy reasons. Unless stated by Bethesda there is no cancellation of ps5 development

Jin_Sakai96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Great to see Bethesda joining Xbox and Gamepass. This just makes the service even more compelling. AAA games are getting expensive at $70+ tax. Now I can play more games I likely couldn’t afford.

Will definitely be subscribing to Gamepass if I get a Series X. Especially considering Bethesda games will be on the service.

DJStotty96d ago

All it takes is for them to release 2 games a year across all the studios, and then gamepass pays for itself.

BattleCat96d ago

Like always, Ms is stealing and destroying the Gaming industry.
Thx to small fat guys like spencer, like the german guy 1940. Bethesda games, was for everybody. Thx small guy Phil.

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Rocosaurus96d ago

Well, it's finally time to try out Doom 64. Couldn't afford it the on the N64, a long time ago when i was a broke teenager.

giovonni96d ago

Hopefully it aged well. I played it at a friends house one time, and it was pretty damn good.

franwex96d ago

It’s $5 now regular and it’s always on sale for $2.50.

That’s less than a take out meal. You didn’t have to wait this long. LOL!

franwex96d ago

It’s only $5 regularly and frequently $2.50.

That’s less than a fast food meal. LOL!

Risky_2496d ago

Great! Like my backlog isn't big enough they go and add more to it.

x_xavier_x96d ago

That's literally the only problem that I find with GamePass. There are too many games that I won't get to play due to time constraints

badz14996d ago

they want you to keep subscribing. that's literally the plan and how they plan to move forward

Risky_2496d ago

@badz149 Well as long as there is value in it for me and beneficial to many others it's a good plan.

@x_xavier_x That's exactly it. They added enhancements to some previous gen games which I haven't played yet that I've wanted to play so this makes it even tougher. It's a double edge sword in some ways.