Gametrailers: Killzone 2 - Special Delivery Gameplay HD

You might need a medic.

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Danja5177d ago

I agree gameplay looks frantic , graphics looks amazing , textures are is the best i've seen in a video game..

ne one who denies how great this game is shaping up to be is obviously in denial that Sony/GG has monster on there hands..

worst part about this game though is that it 2 months away..:(

Kush_Reaper5177d ago


OMG! There atmosphere is simply groundbreaking. The lightning in the sky is unbelievable. The shear amount of things happening on screen at once is unbearable.

Killzone 2 owns anything out right now, and to think they have 2 more months of polish to add is topping on the cake. 2009 ps3 gamers year period. Also an inevitable price cut along side KZ2 will only garantee it's success.


smurfie45177d ago (Edited 5177d ago )

Where are the xboxfanboys!? Did they see the videos and flee with their eyes filled with tears?

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