Batman Arkham Knight Xbox Series Enhancement Possibly Teased by Microsoft

Microsoft has teased enhancement for Batman Arkham Knight for Xbox Series consoles. This was a part of an announcement of the new console update.

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darthv7259d ago

FPS boost could do this game some good.

bouzebbal58d ago

Some are busy releasing next gen games and MS busy teasing enhancements of 7 year old game.. What a pity

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

Avowed, Fable reboot, Perfect Dark reboot, Rare's Everwild, Halo Infinite, InXile are currently increasing the size of their team for an upcoming, big budget RPG.
Those are just what we know about at the moment, and that's only a small number of devs under the MS umbrella.

Stop being a tool.

CBaoth58d ago

But he is right in one sense. MS has been in the industry for nearly 25 years and we're still waiting on their exclusives. Who launches a new system without a single piece of software that utilizes it? Of all the games you listed, I've seen 7-10 minutes of gameplay collectively. I have softened my stance on BC in recent months yet I still didn't buy a next gen console for BC enhancements. That's what my PC is for; curating a collection of third party content to be played anytime with modern bells n whistles. BC enhancements should be done by these manufacturers to their own 1st party exclusives. Therein lies the problem with MS; lack of content since Halo and Gears are essentially done. Nintendo suffers from gold fever and Sony is inexcusable with their apathy towards BC in general. They already got my money once and I guess the bean counters have determined they'll make more with a remaster in a few years rather a patch. Apparently consumer friendly updates don't translate into higher sales in the actual world. Who woulda thunk it?

Ratchet7558d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Free enhancement on older games is something every gamers should be thankful about.
I m first and foremost a playstation gamer but I'm also a proud owner of an Xbox sx and when I hear people mocking gamepass or Microsoft enhancement program of og xbox, x360 or x1 games I can't help but feel sorry for people like boozebbal as their silly brand allegiance have radicalized them to a point that they can't see the other side of the argument and may have missed on great games because of it.

DJStotty58d ago

"MS has been in the industry for nearly 25 years and we're still waiting on their exclusives."

Halo CE was launched on their very first console....

ActualWhiteMan58d ago

This gen is going to be the Xbox renaissance IMO. If these games they have on the horizon come out swinging and worth their salt, we are going to have two very valuable platforms to enjoy this generation.

bouzebbal58d ago

Teasing enhancement of a 7 year old game is pure ridiculous.

And ok I'll stoo being a TOOL

masterfox58d ago

"Avowed, Fable reboot, Perfect Dark reboot, Rare's Everwild, Halo Infinite, InXile are currently increasing the size of their team for an upcoming, big budget RPG."

Is good to be a believer in MS, MS always deliver and has never failed to us gamers :D.

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Tedakin58d ago

MS now probably has way more next gen games in development than Sony :D

x_xavier_x58d ago ShowReplies(5)
OpenGL58d ago

Who is busy releasing next-gen games? I got both consoles on launch day and there's only 1 notable next-gen exclusive and it's a remake of a PS3 game.

DaveZero58d ago

You can do both so stop it. Some people on this site seem to think these console Devs can't remaster and create at the same time..

It's sad.

Sonyslave358d ago

You do know this is a bc team who whole purpose is too test the xbox bc.

itsmebryan58d ago

Who is releasing next generation games? Sad. Smh

Bigman4k58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Its always somebody on here hating on Microsoft 😒

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Tedakin58d ago

I played it in January for the first time, just wiping it off my gaming bucket list, and the resolution was really bad, extremely jagged. This is welcome if true.

Nodoze58d ago

Honestly it looks and runs better on a PS4 Pro. It is very clear they did no optimization for the Xbox platform.

Tedakin58d ago

When driving the framerate was awful on the base xbox one but it was solid 30fps on the one x. Still crazy jagged though.

darthv7258d ago

I recently installed it on my pro, and I will be getting the Series S next week so I will get a chance to try it out from gamepass and see if the FPS boost really does give it new life. It's nice having options.

shabz66658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Did it ever get a one x patch? Probably was running at 900p. But 1080p and ram well on ps4

Nodoze58d ago

Currently runs like crap, so this would be welcome. Have had complete lock ups on Series X.

MetroidFREAK2158d ago

I have yet to play any of these batman games. I mean I started Arkham Asylum (the remastered versions) but no where near done. I need to play these games.

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