Crash Bandicoot – the rise, fall and rebirth of an iconic series

TSA writes: Crash Bandicoot is by far one of the most memorable video game franchises from the 90s – a system seller that gave Sony one of their first ever PlayStation mascots. But how did a genetically-modified Bandicoot in jeans become a household name?

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Sonic-and-Crash266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

for me the rebirth never happened ...Remake+Crash 4 are not equal to original games

This IP ended by mistake in Activision hands , was never theirs neither Universal s ...Sony funded it , produced it , published it and helped ND for its creation ....Crash should have been bought by Sony when it was its trash era (PS2-PS3 ) and be saved with games like Mario Odyssey (what Nintedo did and how evolved Mario through the years without losing a tiny bit from its freshness and quality its an example for all)

now its too late ...though it always be Sony s mascot no matter who has it in papers