The Most Badass Video Game Heroines

Xfire opines: "There was a time in video games where female characters were just delicate princesses, a damsel in distress, and had to be saved by a hero. I'm looking at you, Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda. If not a damsel in distress, they were served as eye candy to please the male-dominant gaming space.

But ever since then, video games have come a long way. The new-age video games have witnessed the emergence of heroines who aren't delicates damsels in distress. Heck, even Princess Peach and Princess Zelda have developed so well as independent characters in their universe.

Today, in the spirit of International Women's Day, we're celebrating the most badass video game heroines."

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sourOG70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Let’s shit on Mario because peach wasn’t manly enough. Are you saying princesses can’t be victims? Look at Meghan Markle. I heared she just got her 6 million dollar a year allowance taken away. Such tragedy.

jsiddlehfx70d ago

so many grammatical errors, had to stop reading... "Aveline de Grandpré was the first canon Assassin from the Assassin's Creed franchise." really? the first canon assassin? or first female canon assassin? "You may think I'm an Assassin's Creed for two consecutive entries" hmm... I dont think you're an assassin's creed... but you may be an assassin's creed fan?

NapalmSanctuary69d ago

There's nothing wrong with eye candy.