Everwild’s Lead Designer Says Its ‘Something The World Hasn’t Seen Before’

PureXbox: "Rare announced Everwild during an Xbox presentation last year, and details about the game have been slim since. But according to the game’s lead designer, “something unique is brewing at Rare”, and we can’t wait to hear more."

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AngelicIceDiamond147d ago

It's time to show up and show out Rare.

CaptainHenry916146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

It's been years since Rare showed out lol. They're not the same Rare from the good old days unfortunately. They lost a lot of talent but I expect this game to release between 2022-2023 though.

Rare hasn't made a *great* game in 30 years. There's a lot of developers that still make great games today and Rare is not one of them anymore. How unfortunate. Even small indie developers make better games than Rare

343_Guilty_Spark146d ago

Many teams aren't the same as they were 30 years ago

DiRtY146d ago

Yet, Sea of Thieves is an outstanding success.

gamer7804146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

sea of thieves is absolutely fantastic now. It was just a barren sandbox when it released but as an alpha tester who was disappointed early on , in 2021 it is a whole different experience now, one of the best coop multiplayer games of its generation.

@dirty exactly. Loving sea of thieves game. So original too.

mark_parch146d ago

sea of thieves is a huge success

AngelicIceDiamond146d ago

But yet sea of thieves is a success. It was shaky at first but they stuck in there and released content regularly and dug themselves out of a bad situation unlike others (Anthem)

Rare should learn their lesson and come correct from the jump though. Hopefully Everwild will show just that.

Livingthedream146d ago

Sea of thieves is fantastic, so not sure what you're talking about.

JackBNimble146d ago

Sea of thieves was meant to be built upon added too.

Zhipp146d ago

Small indie developers make games better than almost anyone else in the industry if Hades is anything to go by.

I seriously need to stress that you are missing out big time if you're skipping indie games because they're small.

Godmars290146d ago

"Yet, Sea of Thieves is an outstanding success."

How long after launch was it an actual game?

Same thing happened with No Man's Sky and was somehow Stadia's while mission statement: put it out now, get it to work later.

Really want to ask how the market such a mentality to take over, but then I already know the answer: we just let it happen. With millions of "consumers" to contend with, chattel you can pretty much openly call such now, "customers", fellow people you build relationship through sales of proven goods, has become a forgotten concept.

TheRealTedCruz145d ago

"Rare hasn't made a great game in 30 years"
The entirety of their catalog that people regard as their true classics started in 1991 .... started 30 years ago.

Atom666145d ago

Rare has always been at their best when they're allowed to do whatever they want, and put their own stamp on what's popular.

When 3d platformers were the rage, they showed up with their own versions. Same with FPSs.

2D platformers got that Rare treatment with DKC.

Beat em ups? We got Battletoads.

When sims started their mainstream resurgence, they came up with Viva Pinata.

When persistant service games were the big thing, they came up with SoT.

So I expect Everwild to be a unique take on something else. I'm guessing some kind of survival cooperative title.

As long as they're doing something new to them, we should be good. It's when they try to rely on what they did before that they underdeliver.

In a world of rehashing and everyone seemingly copying the ubisoft open world checkbox games, it's refreshing that they're still plugging away at something different.

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Zeref146d ago

They did show out with Sea of Thieves. It's more popular than any Sony exclusive that's for sure.

I like this new direction Rare is going in. We need more unique experiences from AAA developers.

Kilua146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

"They did show out with Sea of Thieves. It's more popular than any Sony exclusive that's for sure."

Where did this come from? lmfao.

Kilua146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Take away gamepass. Now Is sea of thieves more popular than god of war? Lol god of war was at 10 million copies SOLD in may 2019. Spiderman is well over 10 million sold. Uncharted 4 WELL over 10 million sold. HZD well over 10 million sold.

Sea of thieves has seen 15 million users between gamepass on xbox and PC + sales on both those platforms. Also, people were blasting this game at launch for being barbones - reflected in it's 4.7 user score and 6.7 critic score.

Sorry, do you want to say that again? This is a B-tier game compared to the exclusives i listed. You wanted to drag Sony into this.

Zeref146d ago

uhm... it's played by more people.. therefore it is more popular

r2oB146d ago

@ zeref

How do you know Sea of Thieves has been played by more people? Sony doesn't release these types of numbers for a lot of their games, since they are single player (can be played completely off line, so there is no way to track how many people have played the game). Even if 15 million people have played Sea of Thieves, I'm sure it counts people who just tried the game. How do you know how many people have played Spider-man? Just because the same sold 10+ million doesn't mean that's the amount of people that played the game. People rent games, buy used games, play other people's copies, etc. So the amount of people that played or tried Spider-man could be substantially higher than the 10+ million it sold.

mkis007145d ago

So now we want to count rentals?

RedDevils145d ago

Are you awake Zeref??? hello?

Atom666145d ago

Popularity is too hard to measure. Not saying SoT isn't a success. Clearly it's grown to be something quite respectful.

I like using player counts for multi-player games. That generally makes sense. You never know sales numbers for Xbox, but SoT sales and user numbers on Steam are easy enough to watch (they're good).

Popularity based on sales can be just as misleading too. Uncharted and Spiderman get counted for all of those PS4 pack in copies, for example. But then you don't get the used copy or rental numbers.

You can try to compare trophy % to official sales numbers too. That only tells part of the story though.

Then you have weirdos like me who have been buying doubles of key games on the cheap from this gen to keep sealed copies in their collection.

waverider145d ago

Dude in what world of videogaming are You from. Sot Was one of the biggest flops of last gen. After years and years it came out with almost nothing... Empty sea, half beasts made, crapy fighting, one model of pirates ship, stupid pizza deliver quests. Average graphics. It got less content then a free to play game.

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TheProblem146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

We’ve seen creative directors leave before.

It’s common with Xbox studios

Livingthedream146d ago

Irs common within the gaming industry

shaenoide146d ago

True we've never seen actual gameplay of this game. Not even a proof of concept.

Chevalier146d ago


How is he wrong?!


Its still at concept stage, with no gameplay elements designed for it. Its exactly a proof of concept. They're not even far into development.

alb1899146d ago

Chevalier, you just said why he is wrong. Read what he wrote and then read yours again....

Chevalier145d ago

None of what was shown was gameplay. They amounted to cut scenes. Even the developers themselves have not decided what the game is even. But go ahead and tell us what you do in the game and how if you guys know

Chevalier145d ago


Okay it's not proof of concept unless it has some gameplay mechanics or idea of what type of game it is. But since you know what the concept is and what the game is about why don't you prove it. Go ahead and tell me what type of game it's is, what you do and some core mechanics then. I'll wait.

So if I made a cool action cutscene like FF VII in Dreams for example and told you it was a game would you believe me?! Because as soon as you start asking questions like is it open world, action/adventure, rpg, shooter and what you do or story elements it would all fall apart.

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AngelicIceDiamond146d ago

@Chev "Not even a proof of concept."

When that's literally all they shown thus far.

Chevalier145d ago (Edited 145d ago )


Barely. No gameplay elements or design choices have been made or even decisions on what the core mechanics are. Zero gameplay and all we have seen is cutscenes. But again Angelic go ahead and list off what type of game it is or what you do in the game?! Because last I checked you've avoided that. You know why you can't answer?! Because there is nothing to base it on. I suggested it was proof of concept, but, honestly it's not even at that stage. For proof of concept there needs to be gameplay mechanics and at least an idea of what you will be doing in the game. So yeah he's not wrong necessarily its barely a proof of concept.

It would be like if I made a cutscene in Dreams and showcased it and I said this is a game. Till you start asking is it open world? An RPG, Action game? What do you do? If you can't answer those questions then all it is really is a cool cutscene and nothing else.

So again right back at you. Dead Wrong ---> that's referring to you. But go ahead and explain how we're wrong and what the 'gameplay' is and what you do and the type of game we're talking about. I'll wait. Cause last I checked your opinion isn't fact. If you want to explain your reasoning and present some facts that would be appreciated.

medman146d ago

I'm thinking late 2022, early 2023? Xbox looks to have some good single player content coming, but all of it is a long way from release, unfortunately.

Zhipp146d ago

I would be surprised if this is single player. It's most likely co-op focused

Yi-Long146d ago

The announcement trailer looked stunningly beautiful, so it certainly has my attention.

ShadowWolf712146d ago

Bookmark this for when it turns out to be something we have indeed seen before.

Zeref146d ago

I can trust them when they say it's something unique. Sea of Thieves is unique.

Chriswheeler22146d ago

It is definitely unique. Doesn't make me want to play it though.

Zhipp146d ago

Yeah I was about to say that I don't think there are any other games like sea of thieves. The same could be said for death stranding, though. I guess that's the risk that comes with making unique experiences

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