Gametrailers: Killzone 2 - Campaign Gameplay HD

Sometimes you must aim for the dome.

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Craig David5170d ago

Sigh..............Nothing new here, just more deja vu from Killzone 2

Blackmoses5169d ago

This is better looking than the Beta!!!!

actas1235169d ago

Holy smokes, this game does look good. Indeed.

loadedscorpion5169d ago

Game looks FUC**ING AMAZING!!

But alas sites like IGN/1UP/Edge etc are breaking their type writers to make sure this game gets avg. reviews. Look at what IGN did for a preview call that a preview??? unbeliveable!

Also these so called journalist who compatre multiplatform games on 360 vs PS3 should compare exclusive games on both machines in the same genre..and then see who wins..PS3 is s BEAST!

Wait till GOW3 teaser comes ;)

lociefer5169d ago

man its even better lookin than the 1 they showed at tgs 06 or 07

Edge Maverick5169d ago

We're not biased, just totally unwilling to use the scope for Killzone 2 to make the gameplay look entirely shoot from the hip and years behind games like, oh I don't know, COD4? THat or this preview gamer just sucks!

Michael Jackson5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

You saw it too huh. It's really dumb that he never even uses the scope. Not even once. Yep. I'm sure Halo 3 had iron sights.. Oh wait. At least this game gives you the option to use the sights or not. It's not do or die like COD. Using the sights in Killzone 2 will make it easier for you to aim. I mean in real life, no one aims through the sights while firing at an enemy 10 feet away from you. 'cause by the time you aim, you're already dead.

Panthers5169d ago

I hate when games force you to use the scope just to shoot accurately. I like run and gun games.

FantasyStar5169d ago

I hated games like CoD4, but I do admit: after CoD4: I found myself using the scope more often. However though, I want a balance between using the sights and hip fire/shoulder fire. I have faith GG will do good.

Bilzac5169d ago

this game looks hotter than a mildy latina maid who works part time in porn

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The story is too old to be commented.