LitteBigPlanet - 1.05 Patch Is Live

The Planetoid observatory has just seen that the Little Big Planet 1.05 patch is now live. It went live at around 11pm GMT / UTC and is a teeny tiny 15MB in size.

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Yi-Long3695d ago

...didnt notice any changes.

What I'm more worried about is that when I choose to play a level online, it's still just me in that level, and no-one else. And yeah, I am connected to the 'interweb'.

MediaSpin3603695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Just booted up my Ps3 and I dont get prompted for an update?

Yi-Long3695d ago

... maybe you guys will get it a few hours later!?

LokMessier3695d ago

Darn well if the west coast doesn't have it now, I won't attempt to try and update tonight. I guess I'll try tomorrow morning and just update this when I update home.

Though I'm curious as to what the update did..

Final_Rpg3695d ago

I'm Australia so it might just be for pal territories at the moment.

meepmoopmeep3695d ago

it's not out here in NA yet.
i checked last night.

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Mc Fadge3695d ago

To support weekly costumes?

Kuest3695d ago

have any of you managed to post levels on Youtube?

Kuest3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


*peaks down below*

Plus there seems to be a battle going on downstairs.

socomnick3695d ago

no people arent ignoring you, its just that very few people even bother looking at this story since lbp floped so hard. Game was a failure and sold next to nothing, so nobody cares about it.

darkdoom30003695d ago

ignore the idiot above, hes obviously a jealous fanboy.

im guessing people arent replying because they dont ur question. you can record with a camera or something and post it on youtube. but it dosent have youtube recording function (ingame recording and youtube transfer) so you will have to do it manually. (unless this update changed things)

socomnick3695d ago

A patch for this game. Whats the point theres only like 100 people playing it world wide.

Final_Rpg3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

...God you're a prick. At least if you were truthful people could tolerate you.

Also -

buy a ps33695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

you estimate is way off their is more people playing this game online more then anything on the 360 (at the time).

poeo3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

yeah right, so that's why there are like 40,000 user created levels, and some are played almost a million times?

your comment is rather disgusting and shows your true colors..

EDIT: sorry, 177,657 levels now to be exact (according to Sony), and they have been played 22 million times...

Narutone663695d ago

Anyway why should you care? No games for your beloved defective console? Go troll somewhere else or go back to your bridge.

socomnick3695d ago

It appears I hit a soft spot for critical damage.

pansenbaer3695d ago

It appears you are a douchebag! But at least you're an honest douchebag...

ReBurn3695d ago

I believe you're talking about something completely different. There's a difference between online levels and someone available to play them online with you. Only once since I picked up the game has anyone ever been in a level when I play online. And I mostly just play the user-created levels lately.

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Final_Rpg3695d ago

what are the odds that I went to play 5 mins ago with my mate and it was out... pain in my bum bum.

I_am_rushin3695d ago

Geez! How long does it take you to download a 15mb file.

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