PS4 Beta Update 8.50 Rolling Out for Testers, Removes PSN Communities

Sony has started rolling out the PS4 beta update 8.5 for those invited to test the new firmware out! Here's what we can expect once it rolls out.

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blackblades43d ago

RIP community, I only used it for a little bit but I do know some people still use it. I can see why they removing it but still its something small that still should stay.

excaliburps43d ago

I mostly get spam invites for it. LOL! I just stopped caring since I get invited to games I don't even play.

LiViNgLeGaCY43d ago

Dude I loved the communities. This really sucks...

monkey60242d ago

I used them a lot for finding lobbies in games. Used them to help people in Nioh, found opponents in Driveclub. They were an excellent feature and I miss them on the PS5


I guess there not adding community's to PS5 other then that it's a Great update.

MadDestruction43d ago

I wish they add Communities to PS5. I miss the feature :(

Kaii43d ago

PS5 Ui could do with some rework, not some new additions :p tbh


Maybe it was because the ps4s navigation was so near-perfect that I still haven’t shaken the habit, but I totally agree. Simply closing out of a game on ps5 is a learning process each time. Similar situation with powering down the console: why does holding down the PlayStation button no longer bring up power-down options? In fact, why does holding down the home button on the menu do nothing at all? Every system I can think of with a home button brings up power-down options with a long press. Also, why does the ability to edit your game base come up when you press the option button on an item? The ability to switch out available icons is almost never useful after you tailor it to your liking for the first time. There is no point to keeping that as a quick toggle option above other functions that are missing.

Navigation on the ps5 seems like a really convoluted experience.

arkard43d ago

Yeah Ps5 ui was a huge step back. Spotify worked so much better on ps4 also. It wasd so easy to pause or skip a song, but now you have to go into the card to do anything and go even further into the card to even do something simple like put shuffle on.

Kornholic43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I know this isn't an optimal solution for your problem, but I got the PS5 remote for Christmas and it is very handy when listening to Spotify while gaming. You can pause and skip songs with it. So, use the PS5 remote if you happen to have it.

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The story is too old to be commented.