Naughty Dog Has “Several Cool” Things They “Can’t Wait to Share”, Urges Fans to Remain Patient

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has said that his studio has some things in the works that they can’t wait to share.

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TheExecutioner38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

IF ND then I cannot wait too to see

I believe their next project will have something related to "space"

RaidenBlack38d ago

Yea, I want something sci-fi but also grounded. And a tease of it in late-2021 🤞🏻.
But before that, in near future, [email protected] updates for Uncharted 4, LL and TLOU II.

Sonic-and-Crash37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Personally i dont want to see any game from Druckman in collabaration with ND....and to explain myself i really would to love to see /play a game from Druckman separately that would have designed whith his own studio (team) and separately from ND .....ND is not a company to make personal opinion games and impact already successful IPs, ND is the best first party studio of PStation, is the tip of the spear for PS and needs wide acceptance , technologically perfect, super quality 3A games like Crash, Jak and Uncharted ...

Druckman needs his own studio to express himself however he wants (smhting like Kojima) i would really go buy and fully support his games but is not right to impact games that ve been created collectively , have tremendous success with their design/lore/type of game and are the flagships of one of the biggest companies in gaming

cerpintaxt4436d ago

@Sonic-and-Crash wtf are you on about dude? did you play the last of us 2?

jznrpg36d ago

@Sonic your out of luck then because he’s the head of the studio .

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solideagle37d ago

uncharted and TLOU coming to PC /s

Espangerish37d ago

That would be a let down of comically epic proportions if it turned out that was the ‘big surprise’

Atticus_finch37d ago

You're going to be waiting for a long time.
You would be lucky to get U1.

neomahi37d ago

Kiss PS goodbye then, if its on PC, what need is there for a console, right? If console manufacturers just want to put it all on PC, why are they bothering with console exclusivity, do they figure by leaving the console war first, theyll look like SEGA? Honestly, SEGA left at their strongest moment and then once there was no console, somehow, the quality rappidly flew downhill like Sonic at the start of Sonic Adventure 2.

Its doing far more damage than it is good. Sonys install base is massive, they dont need the PC market. Theyre just doing it because Microsoft is and it seems like a good idea after as many years riding thr innovation highway, while Microsofts sales floundered, they had to come up with some way to get sales, and picking on the PC market seemed like a way to keep from drowning, problem is, even Microsofts PC service sucked so, now theyre hanging out at Steam.

RaidenBlack36d ago

( Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection + The Last of Us Remastered ) Bundle?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen37d ago

Savage Starlight

The comics Ellie collected.


generic-user-name37d ago

I really hope Factions 2 or TLOU Online or w/e they end up calling it, is truly expanded upon. They said the reason it wasn't included with TLOU2 was because they got too ambitious, so I want to see that ambition. I've seen rumours of a leaked 'Incursion' mode, would love if it was like an open Seattle map that you could scavenge in with friends and with PvP and PvE. That's what I would consider ambitious, if it's just the same modes from Factions 1 with no major improvements it'll be a let down (that I'll still play because Factions was great).

SullysCigar37d ago

Same here. They must have learned so much from Factions - even though they nailed it at the time - so I'm hoping for a huge improvement given the time that's passed between the two games' development.

So excited for it!

rpvenom37d ago

pretty sure it's going to be uncharted thieves end and last of us 2 ps5 versions included in this "several cool things". as well as the LOU2 multiplayer. Hopefully we see a new game announcement though.

LegoIsAwesome37d ago

Hmm several cool things. Either a TLOU2 MP or UC/Tlou series PC announcement. Jim Ryan is really the best if its the latter.

SullysCigar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Lol 0/10 for trolling

LegoIsAwesome36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

0/10 for trolling? Remember when HZD PC leak was laughed out by ppl? Look at that game now. Oh and Days Gone PC? Yep. So who's trolling?

You fanboys are quick to defend Sony. But when Xbox was in this situation laughed at them but with Sony "Its ok, its for so more people can play the game." LMAO. What a joke

VenomCarnage8936d ago

@Lego; you're being disagreed with because of the context of this info from ND. They wouldn't boast about cool things to come, while referring to pc ports, that's just obvious. I see it happening eventually, yeah, but that isn't what they're referring to here. Here they are talking about exciting stuff that will be relevant to their fanbase, which is on PlayStation.

Also, regarding the thing about Sony and MS fanboys you've mentioned, there's a huge difference between MS releasing every single game on PC on day 1, vs Sony doing it years later after sales have already dried up on their console.

CrimsonWing6937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I'm hoping a new IP, which I know Jim Ryan said they're a big risk, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Jin_Sakai37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Some will work and some won’t. If not for taking chances no game would exist. We need new IP.

SierraGuy37d ago

This ryan character needs to go.

Tacoboto37d ago

This was the only generation without a new IP from Naughty Dog too...

mkis00737d ago

Sony has more new ips each gen than any platform holder.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

Yet nowhere near as much as earlier generations.

You want to make comparisons? juxtapose the PS1 library original IPs to PS4 or even PS2 original IPs to PS4.

I get that game development is way more expensive, but giving consumers less and less original IPs isn’t doing the industry any favors.

Army_of_Darkness37d ago


Naw bro, you compare with other consoles and Sony is still way ahead in terms of new IP's... You can't compare ps4 to ps1! obviously the ps1 was a new platform so of course your gonna get shitloads of new ips! like duh...
ps4 on the other hand is more established so as a company of course they are gonna play it safe and use the more known ips like any other platform holder. which is why I have much respect for Sony's consoles cause they are still pumping out new ip's every gen unlike the other ones that play it way to safe.

CrimsonWing6937d ago (Edited 37d ago )


That doesn’t make sense. I’m comparing the companies previous generations to their current generations.

The PS4 was a new platform as is the PS5. I’m not sure what you mean by “new platform gets a shitload of new IPs”. Isn’t that how it should be with any new platform?, duh?

Being more established means you play it safe? I’d venture to say if you were brand new to the industry you’d play it safe. It makes no sense to take risks starting out and being successful to take less risks. The only reason you see less IPs is the cost to develop games are substantially more expensive than in the past.

Still, my point is if you don’t take risks with new IPs the industry will get stagnant. Can you imagine if in the past they didn’t take a risk on something like The Last of Us just because they’re afraid to take the risk and instead just gave us more of a game that was successful from the generation before? It’d be like eating Thanksgiving leftovers all the time so-to-speak.

37d ago
jznrpg36d ago

@CrimsonWings69 games cost a lot more to make and a lot more time these days so less new IP from everyone is obvious . But they still do it better than anyone

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kneon37d ago

its really no different than the movie business. For every blockbuster movie that rakes in 100s of million there are a dozen that barely break even or even lose money.

forkymental37d ago

Neil Druckmann doesn't have Bruce Straley or Amy Hennig there anymore to keep his woke nonsense in check. That's what ruined the story of TLOU2. Pandering to people like Anita Sarkeesian rather than the actual gamers is absolutely pathetic. So I'm not expecting much. Not from somebody who's out to make ridiculous social statements rather than tell good videogame stories.

yeahokwhatever36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

alternatively, forkymental wants a fun game out of this supremely historically talented studio. TLOU and TLOU2 were not particularly fun. Compare them to Uncharted and it's not even remotely close. TLOU might be a decent miniseries/tv show, but it just isn't anywhere near fun enough to be a game series I'll ever invest in again. (I own both TLOU games).

specialguest37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Sad state we're living in now. There was a time when Anita was the enemy to gaming. Now she's become their advisor and more and more gamers with leftist views support it. Also, because it's ND they'll blindly support their decision

forkymental37d ago

Neil Druckmann actively simps for the woman. He's obsessed with her. It's creepy as hell.

Viking_mo37d ago

Hes also a hypocrite. He fired shots at kojima and MGS and then acts all buddy lovey with the guy. Major ass kisser but you can't deny his success despite him being woke as hell

Silly gameAr37d ago

Derpy derp. Him woke! Him needs smashed and destroyed! The left hurt our little feelings so bad with a vidja game that we can't shut up about it! Why are we right wing weirdos so sensitive?

Atticus_finch37d ago

"I'm a sensitive snowflake!"

derek37d ago

Hahaha, forkymetal is using low user review scores to make a case against tlou2. Lol

Rude-ro37d ago

Within the nonsensical thinking..,

Anything offered is a message. No?
So you want every type of entertainment etc to conform to YOUR thinking?

Or it is a “leftist message”?

Games are due to the birth of the imagination.
To do something new, you have to change the direction.
What is funny is confusing “woke” with new creative ideas to “shake” things up. < a very old catch phrase in the creative world.

The industry has grown not only in monetary value, but more importantly with who is playing games.
And just like everything else, if it were to stay in the pure blood American stale format of “I am man and I shoot things”, gaming would not be as popular today.
Every game is optional.
Do not buy them.
Definitely stop trying to make it a draconian world of your typical low iq cultist right American. < this has no place in a civil society.
Just because people like you are brainwashed, does not mean forms of entertainment kneel to your ways... or the meaning itself is identical to what you think is happening.

Support it or do not... but with the growth in revenue with these games... you are, luckily, in the minority here.

In today’s world, it is about options.
You do not like, do not support it. Rather than that, you sound like the snowflakes that you try to make fun of.

specialguest37d ago

The disagrees speak for themselves. The Sarkeesian fanboys, girls, or beep/bop/boops are out in droves. I rest my case

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PrinceAli37d ago

Shut the hell uppp man! Do you people not tire from these same garbage talking points loool

Atticus_finch37d ago

If it aint a mindless shooter than they hate it.

37d ago
PrinceAli35d ago


Once again.... reread my reply loool.. I dont think it really seeped into your dense head

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generic-user-name37d ago

Give me one shred of tangible evidence that Straley or Hennig ever once kept Druckmann 'in check'. Druckmann was the writer and creative director of TLOU 1, Straley was the Game Director, there's nothing that supports this claim. As for Hennig, she had to rush to get Uncharted 3 done in time (butchering it's story) and failed to get her version of Uncharted 4 done, then she went on to EA and failed to get her Star Wars game done, I suppose that was Druckmann's fault too?

Anyway, TLOU 2 is the most awarded game of all time, it also got over 100 readers choice awards (before you go claiming all the critics were bought), if that wasn't enough it was the 3rd best selling game on PS4 in NA in 2020, behind only 2 COD games.

forkymental37d ago

70 percent of the development staff quit around the development of this game. Some of them even spoke out about they were treated like crap: It's user review scores on Metacritic are horrible. It's average would be lower than 5 if Metacritic didn't step in to protect the game, and as for awards, gamers picked Ghost of Tsushima over TLOU2 for 2020's Player's Voice Award. Oh, and a lot of those people who bought it tried to take it back, but the stores wouldn't do it. There were far too many of them:

Redemption-6437d ago


70 percent of the development staff quit around the development of this game.

The amount of lies you snowflakes make up to deal with reality is just depressing. Can you please link any evidence to backup you lie? And please please don't link the Jason Schreier article. Because if you do, all it will shows is, not only did you not read the article, you are nothing but a sheep that listened to people lie to you and then regurgitate those lies. Anyway please link your evidence. Also, the link from eurogamer is not working. At least for me.

andy8537d ago

@forkymental and why would it have been below 5? Because tens of thousands of people voted it a 0 without even playing it. It's had an overwhelmingly good reception from anyone who has. Of course some won't like it but that's the same with every game.

derek37d ago

@generic-user-name they've crammed everything, even videogames into their stupid leftist vs conservative construct. Their politics has become their religion.

37d ago
RazzerRedux36d ago


"70 percent of the development staff quit around the development of this game. "

That's bullshit. Hilarious that people keep repeating that lie.

"Of the 20 non-lead designers in the credits of 2016’s Uncharted 4, a whopping 14—70 percent—are no longer at the studio"

14 "non-lead designers" left the studio. They have a staff of nearly 500. So stop with the bullshit lies.

yeahokwhatever36d ago

Governor Cuomo got an award, too.

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generic-user-name37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

So zero evidence to back up your claim about Straley and Hennig, a link (that doesn't even work) to an article about crunch, which has been taking place in ND for over a decade and Druckmann is not responsible for.

You bring up the metacritic user score (but not the critic score) despite the fact it was review bombed by people who never played it, so badly in fact, thanks to 4chan hate campaigns from man babies, that metacritic had to change the rules for user reviews.

And then you use Ghost of Tsushima winning Player's Choice award at the Game Awards to somehow argue against over 100 other player choice awards that TLOU2 won, oh and TLOU2 was winning that Player's Choice award for the first 2 days until the 4chan hate mob were alerted and then Ghost made a mysterious comeback on the 3rd and last day. If voting results weren't being tallied live for 3 days, that never would have happened.

Finally you bring me a claim made by a random YouTuber which offers nothing but anecdotal evidence. Whereas I can show you this link here:

Which shows that TLOU 2 is the most completed PS4 game, meaning many people enjoyed it well enough to play through all 25-30 hours of it and beat it.

Anti TLOU 2 arguments are always so weak.

forkymental37d ago

It's a great game if you love misery porn, because that's all the game is.

zackeroniii37d ago

you probably fell in love with that man Abby didn't you? you weirdo leftists are a special kind of rainbow...

generic-user-name37d ago


No argument so you resort to personal insults. I'm not even a leftist, I'm simply not a man baby.

Silly gameAr37d ago


I'm sure most of use aren't left. I'm far from a leftist, but, the only people I ever see making dumb ass arguments are people that whine about being "woke", and the only people I ever see bitching about that are rightwing dingbats. I guess it's just how they were raised, so you can only pity them for being so sensitive and closed minded.

TheKingKratos37d ago

Love how those trolls can't get back at you for stating facts

They go back to insults... the mentality of the loud minority hive minds

yeahokwhatever36d ago

The problem myself and what I think is an actual majority of people have, is that TLOU is a waste of a vary talented studio's abilities. The game is forcefully "sad" and somehow expects that to be enough to replace fun. I have about as much interest playing TLOU as I do playing a concentration camp management sim. This is my opinion after having purchased both TLOU games hoping for that Uncharted magic, only to be let down by a boring, slow, nonsensical murder sim.

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forkymental37d ago

I'm not interested in Fortnite, and I don't like shooters. I'm also not a fan of misery porn like you people are.

Atticus_finch37d ago

You're more into idiot comment porn.

Redemption-6437d ago


I am still waiting for you to provide evidence to backup that lie you made up. I wonder why it's taking you so long?

Sharky23137d ago

Regardless of how you felt about story choices. It was a great story that took a lot of chances. It really paid off in the end.

kimbomma137d ago

At what point in the story of TLOU2 did Neil's "woke" views actually affect the narrative? Did the game forego it's story to preach the creators' political message at any point? The simple fact that Part 1 is so beloved despite the fact that it has a gay character (I don't count Ellie at this point because it wasn't revealed she was gay until the DLC), multiple strong female characters, and 2 black characters, yet Part 2 is hated because it has multiple strong females, 2 gay characters, multiple Asian characters, and a trans character is idiotic.

To say you didn't like the direction of the narrative is one thing, but to claim "wokeness" ruined the story with literally no valid example of how shows why you really dislike the game.

yeahokwhatever36d ago

you can only suspend so much disbelief in a "realistic" story.