Aliens: Fireteam Announced, Is a Third-Person Co-Op Shooter Set for Release This Summer

Aliens: Fireteam just got announced, it's a third-person co-op, survival shooter that's set in the Alien universe! Check out the first gameplay & info that talks about story details and more.

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Nitrowolf238d ago

it looks really rough but as a fan of Aliens I'll give it a try. Still want an isolation game, but this is a decent fit for taking on swarms of them. Can it be worse than Colonial Marines? I hope noit

TGGJustin38d ago

Oof let's hope it isn't worse than that

Gaming4Life198138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sega screwed us on Colonial Marines but my alien fanboyism made me play it lol. I will admit i modded the hell out of it and thats your only option. I agree it was terrible and such a letdown. Alien Isolation is the best alien game and while it is great i want action style alien game.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago

looks good htough need a bit work on animation

S2Killinit38d ago

They need to tweak the way alien runs on two feet. Running Motion looks to human

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excaliburps38d ago

Same. I love me some Aliens and I just want to shoot Xenomorphs! LOL! Colonial Marines still make me cringe when I see it since it could have been waaaay more than what we got.

Timzster38d ago

I'm hoping it's a return to an actual Aliens game where we can play and shoot some Big Chaps and Xenomorphs.

gamesftw25038d ago

After Colonial Marines...I have my expectations low...

CorndogBurglar38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Nah. This isn't being made by a piece of garbage scam artist that promised to make a game then sent it to some 3rd party developer while he took all the money and used it to make Borderlands 2.

seanpitt2338d ago

But it could be a disaster let’s hope it’s not

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-Foxtrot38d ago

This is such a step back from Alien isolation

Looks generic as hell

Marcello38d ago

Its just an arcade wave shooter

Piggeroni38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

So is Killing Floor, and while the series could use some highly advanced systems now for variety, 1 and 2 are still fun games and the guns feel really good to boot. Though I'm not too fond of third person only of this game.

Rocketisleague38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Meh, there's room.for action games and horror games in alien universe. Best alien games are still avp 1 and 2 not isolation

ScootaKuH38d ago

Agree. It just looks too cookie cutter.

Akuma2000036d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Alien Isolation and Aliens Fireteam are different games from one another, Isolation is a slower paced survival horror focused game whereas Fireteam is a fast paced survival action shooter etc.......

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Gaming4Life198138d ago

Die hard alien fan here so i must play this but some disappointments.Why does the M41A pulse rifle sound like a regular assault rifle? The sound is unique in the alien franchise and needs to be done right.

Kavorklestein38d ago

I read what you said. I saw that the M4A1 actually does have the right sound (at least in some shots) but perhaps the smart gun sounded weird too.
I have to say I'm actually impressed.
It came out of nowhere, and it actually looks good. The cinematic camera angle may have looked stiff but I'll bet the camera in game, and actual gameplay will be decent, if not pretty good.

Pickledpepper38d ago

I think its looks pretty good, sort of L4D alien style. Would love a aliens remake of the ps1/saturn game.

Piggeroni38d ago

It's third person which gives it a kind of WWZ feel. No idea why they do this when first person may have been more preferred, at least for PC gamers anyway. Back 4 Blood might be the one to scratch the L4D itch but after playing the alpha i wasn't too sold on it. Still waiting for the beta

CantThinkOfAUsername38d ago

Back 4 Blood has zero L4D atmosphere. Playing it feels like playing a clone not a successor made by the same developer.

DaveZero38d ago

I think this will be buy immediately for me, have been saying for YONKS now please someone do a co OP Alien shooter.. This looks bang on at the moment..

Kavorklestein38d ago

I'm buying it day one just as an Alien fan who want to shoot Xenos with MY gf.

She likes Alien almost as much as I do so we can't wait.

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