One Guy Solves GTA Online's Loading Issues

From GTA BOOM: "If you're a long-time Grand Theft Auto Online player, you are no stranger to loading screens. The game has always been known for long loading times, which are especially egregious to the point of infamy in the multiplayer mode.

Now, one person has decided to dig into the game code, find out why this happens and work out how to fix it."

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Rebel_Scum40d ago

Nice investigation. I wonder if they didnt change that CPU bottleneck because theyre doing a lot of threading for other stuff.

porkChop40d ago

It seems like such a simple fix for them too. They really need to address the load times.

Phoenix7640d ago

I've loaded the game up on my ps5 and it only gets to 30% then boom, loaded into MP

anast39d ago

I wonder if he can fix RDR2 online?