Diablo II Resurrected vs Original Diablo II Comparison Video Surfaces

Following last week’s announcement of Diablo II Resurrected, a video has surfaced, comparing the upcoming remake to the original game.

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iplay1up243d ago

Resurrected is so dark in places!

Spectator141d ago

I think they might tone that down a bit before release. It's one of the things some of the VIP community guests they invited to Blizzcon brought up with the team.

waverider41d ago

played hundred of hours on this... Good memories

jwillj2k441d ago

the original art style looks more appealing

Michiel198941d ago

both have their charm imo, but I gotta say the remaster looks way better than what I expected especially the fire effects look gorgeous in those corridors.

jwillj2k441d ago

It does look better, but I feel more immersed when watching the original.

Emme41d ago

The fluid animation is a big plus, as well as the atmospheric lighting effects. Maybe the enironments could be a little more destructible this time ? It makes not much sense that some walls crumble and others dont (in 2021).

zacfoldor41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Love Vicarious Visions, this one will be legit. Seriously, in for multiple copies for cross-progression. Everything looking great so far. An all time classic, this is.

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