Deathloop for PS5 & PC Gets New Trailer Explaining What The Game Is All About

Today Bethesda and Arkane Lyon revealed a brand new trailer of the upcoming time-bending assassination game Deathloop.

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RaidenBlack44d ago

(Hitman+Dishonored) trapped in a timeloop.

bouzebbal43d ago

Hhhhhh Bethesda game ps5 exclusive

purple10143d ago

Ghostwire tokyo also looks good. From bethesda on ps5.

Sony literally nabbed there 2 newest games for timed exclusives before ms bought them.

Yon snooze, you lose.

SullysCigar43d ago

^ @AngelicIceDiamond, O rly? How long for??

Ausbo43d ago


It’s one year. All the trailers have had the date in the fine print

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Unknown_Gamer579443d ago

I like everything in that sentence. Sold.

-Foxtrot44d ago

"It may be a game about time but you are not on a timer, you can figure things out at your own pace in any order you want"

And I'm finally sold.

TyrellCorp44d ago

This game looks got damn incredible, seriously excited

jznrpg44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It looks fun really. It grew on me over time . The strategy element makes it all work for me

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