Forever Entertainment to develop multiple remakes based on Square Enix Japan IP

From Gematsu: "Forever Entertainment has entered into an agreement to develop and release multiple game remakes based on one intellectual property owned by Square Enix Japan, the company announced. The name of this property will be announced separately at the launch of a worldwide marketing campaign."

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CrimsonWing6941d ago

Look, I don’t know who the hell Forever Entertainment is but if they give me some kind of port or Remake if Xenogears and Parasite Eve I’m all in.

GreatSako202041d ago

Isn't Xeno games owned by Nintendo?

CrimsonWing6941d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo.

Xenosaga is owned by Bandai Namco

Xenogears is owned by Squaresoft.

I actually think at one point Xenogears was going to be FF7 until they just spun it into its own game, same with Parasite Eve or at least the concept of an RPG set in NYC was one of the early concepts for FF7.

Fiddlerblue41d ago


Yeah the original concept for FF7 took place in NYC which became Parasite Eve. I don’t think Xenogears had any elements of FF7 though I could be wrong on that one.

Xenogears is quite possibly my favorite game of all time so I’d love a remake of that game. And this time, do the disc 2 content justice.
I’d love a PE remake too, though Square let the rights to the original novel IP expire so they’d need to purchase those again (and I haven’t seen any news that they have).

aaronaton41d ago

Well as FE are a relatively new Polish developer, you can expect to games to be delivered on time or even early, just don't count on them looking good.

on_line_forever41d ago

Parasite eve 1 & 2 remake ?
Vagrant story remake ?

TheLordOfStuff41d ago

Dont even tease with a vagrant story remake :(

pecorre41d ago

Xenogears and Chrono Trigger please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocoburger41d ago

This is a very small Polish developer that couldn't do those classic games justice with a miniscule budget.

They remade a relatively short and simple game, Panzer Dragoon, and it was just okay. The Saturn original plays better.

No one should want this team to handle massive and complex games that Xenogears or Chrono Trigger would be. That needs to be developed internally at S-E in Japan.

Scissorman8241d ago

Is this the team that was working on the Fear Effect remake?

ZwVw41d ago

It is (whenever the remake actually gets released). They're also responsible for the completely disappointing FE Sedna.

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The story is too old to be commented.