Evil Controllers Boss on Why They Think Sony Didn't Include PS5 Controller Back Buttons by Default

Gaming peripheral makers Evil Controller's CEO states why he doesn't think Sony included PS5 controller back buttons by default

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RazzerRedux47d ago

"Coe might have a point, as making the DualSense feature back buttons by default might have driven the overall cost for the controller (and the console itself) a bit higher, which Sony doesn’t want to do. Of course, there is the high probability that Sony will want to sell a DualSense back button attachment in the future, which means more revenue for the company."

That it would drive costs up is a given and so to keep it priced competitively Sony would have to have dropped features such as haptic feedback. I'm hoping they do offer the back button option as I really like them on my Elite Series 2, but an add-on is preferable, in my opinion, than losing haptics.

excaliburps47d ago

Yep, same. I honestly thought they would be default this gen. That said, Sony would jeopardize a lot of third-party controller makers if they did it, but you just know they are releasing a back button attachment to this thing, so I guess it's just a matter of when?

Third-party controllers offer better triggers for shooters and other stuff too aside from back buttons. I can't play shooters without back buttons (and no, it's not cheating).

RazzerRedux47d ago

I love them primarily because I've always found R3 and L3 to be awkward to press. Making the controller better isn't cheating any more than a gaming keyboard with macros or a mouse with additional buttons. Just tools of the trade, so to speak.

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excaliburps47d ago

You have no idea how many people see back buttons and paddles as "cheats." Even if you explain that Sony and MS allow them and they are not banned in tournament play, some people will still say you are cheating...

Highrevz47d ago

The ones that support mods, they are cheating.
Just having the extra buttons it’s fine

Teflon0247d ago

Well it's cheating if it's not a official attachment. Once it is, it's not cheating. In DS4 and Xbox control they're not anymore. In the PS360 era you could argue it is as it was never part of Sony or MS control design and you're creating controller shortcuts.
Either way.

Wanted to say, I think the only reason they really didn't attach it by default is simply 1 reason. They're support to be extra programmable buttons. If they just attach it, devs may use em as regular buttons defeating the purpose of adding the buttons in the first place. Making it optional means devs can't touch and modify use outside it's intent. Like how the elite controls don't become the default controller. If it did. The back buttons would likely become dev programmable. which isn't necessarily bad. But the point was to personalize buttons

Muzikguy46d ago


That's a very interesting point. I can definitely see that as being a reason

DarthMarvin46d ago

It wouldn't be considered cheating if everyone had them like they should.

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badz14946d ago

why would the back button attachment drive the cost up? the one Sony release for the PS4 was good but a bit pricey. I bought a 3rd party back button attachments for 2 of my DS4 and they work just fine IMO and they cost like $6 - $7 each.

RazzerRedux46d ago

Of course it would drive up the price. How would it not? Even if it was $6 or $7 more like that cheapo thing you posted, that is still adding to the price.

Silly question, dude.

badz14946d ago


what I'm saying is, if I can buy 1 or 2 of them for $7, buying in bulk would mean that it would be much much cheaper to almost negligible in the grand scheme of things.

RazzerRedux46d ago

Negligible? Come on. Think about this. Even if you are only add $5 worth of components to the controller you've got to multiply that by the number sold. PS5 has already sold 5 million units. So just the controller in the box would have cost an additional $25 million for Sony if they kept the price the same. And Sony is already selling PS5 at a loss. That is not negligible.

chiefJohn11747d ago

Not related but I just found out RDR2 dead body's decay and vultures will come pick it clean. Game of the gen!!! It's so freak real.

Nitrowolf247d ago

haha, was that excited you didn't care where you said it!

chiefJohn11745d ago

Lol there's just so much to discover about the game it's mind blowing. Easily the most realistic game to date

RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Decaying bodies that vultures eat. Wow.....if only that realism made up for the horrible gameplay and controls.

But glad you enjoyed it. No idea why you felt you needed to share this in an article about Sony's......oh wait.....nevermind. I get it now. lol

chiefJohn11745d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If you suck at the game just say that
Ah forgot you was on the Sony defense force committee. Not sure why you think this somehow an attack on Sony when it's non related lol Shouldve posted this on an Xbox topic Xbox fanboys not as weird as you guys but I literally just seen it as I read this.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

What is there to suck at in RDR2? The gameplay is about as shallow as it comes. Point....shoot. Good thing too since the controls are crap. No, the only thing that killed me in RDR2 was sheer boredom.

You are just trolling Sony articles like you always do, but you really think your posting of silly off-topic nonsense is going to be well-received anywhere on n4g? Uh...yeah, good luck with that. Yeah, you'd probably get less downvotes from your fellow Xbox fanboys, but still you are just making yourself look stupid.

chiefJohn11745d ago

Uh it's a wild west game wtf you expect the gameplay to be sides shooting? Which you clearly aren't good at. Yet somehow find a point and shoot game like tlous to be a game of gen contender lol. Only person that look silly here is you

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"Yet somehow find a point and shoot game like tlous to be a game of gen contender lol."

LOL. Yep, there it is. I knew that was why you were here trolling. You are so damned butthurt that Sony has so many games that could contend for GOTG that you've got to search out Sony articles to promote RDR2 as GOTG. You need to work on your trolling game. It has gotten stale and predictable.

I'm just going to laugh off the idiotic description of TLOU as a "point and shoot" game. Play the game, Einstein, and then you will realize how stupid that truly is and you'll have a better understanding of a game that expands beyond just being a mindless shooter.

I'll let you continue your silly trolling now. Your knowledge of gaming this past gen is shit. You are not qualified to even have a vote on GOTG. Your only demonstrable qualification is trolling. see ya, "chief"

chiefJohn11744d ago

Lol someone in theit feelings. Just calling out your hypocrisy for dissing RDR2. It's an amazing game nuff said, feel how you wanna feel

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masterfox47d ago

uhmm because higher costs for Sony maybe ?, also even thou some say is a great addition to the controller on the dualshock, honestly I don't want more damn buttons on the controller.

Nitrowolf247d ago

i think its more of people expecting them to go that route versus Haptic. It would have been cheaper, but i'm glad we got the latter. And yeah, that's basically the reason, they're more for competitive so why offer it by default versus something that will be used everywhere

DarthMarvin46d ago

Honestly, both would have been preferable.

gamesftw25047d ago

Just means the back button isn't for you which is fine. But it definitely draws a fine line if it should even be allowed or not.

2moda5gamer46d ago

I feel like if there was back buttons then it would make devs use those instead of the touch pad. This could be better or worse (fps games of course would love it), but I feel the touch pad is fine enough for most single player games. Touch's also a shit ton more dynamic even though barely anyone pushes to use it in such a way.

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