5 Classic Games That Deserve a Remake

KeenGamer: "Check out these 5 classic games that deserve a remake! There are always going to be those games that fill us with nostalgia, but why should they stay in the past? This list looks back at some of the best games from a bygone era..."

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Terry_B40d ago

Actraiser, Bust A Groove, Twisted Metal 2, WeaponLord, Super Mario World.

XxINFERNUSxX40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Oh man Actraiser for sure, it's been 30 yrs (Japan) in US 30yrs in Nov. this yr. That would be epic if they remade it.
The first stage soundtrack was my fav. That SNES sound chip is still amazing to this day.

chicken_in_the_corn40d ago

The Simpsons Hit and Run would be better as a whole new game. Imagine what they could do with the improved tech

Profchaos40d ago

Shame EA didn't do anything after they got the license and the 2007 game didn't meet their expectation not sure who has it these days but got and run won't be possible as Sierra I think it was owns the hit and run IP but not the Simpsons IP

jreeves8240d ago

Simpson hit and run was literally twice as good on Xbox rather than ps2. It ran at 480p 60 fps on Xbox. And 480i 30 fps on ps2. But great game either way.