Is Final Fantasy VII Remake, about to deviate further from the script?

Dan Rizzo says " If the implied direction of this tale continues to unfold as numerous realities opposing real-time events that transpire throughout our campaign, we may have one of Final Fantasy’s biggest plot twists in years. A thoroughly crafted, bottomless pit of hermetic detail. Stripping FF7 of its chronology, to ultimately decipher a surrogate happenstance."

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Terry_B41d ago

Calling it a remake ..was a mistake.

It is a reboot, through and through.

GottaBjimmyb40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It is a remake, by literal definition. If you just wanted a clone with better graphics they have multiple remasters. I personally enjoyed part 1, and we will see where it goes, but I mean I don't think I would want a literal word for word script and gameplay loop.

make (something) again or differently.

-Foxtrot40d ago

Multiple remasters? Not the same is it.

Look man, all people wanted a remake that was like 90% bit by bit of the original within one complete game. Maybe some tweaks so they can reference the spin off games and prequels

Even if they used a small map or had something like the first Ni No Kuni, where the player appears tiny on the map to show off scale, I’d have taken it.

Then VII-2 could have added the new stuff

It’s basically Final Fantasy VII: Reimagined

rayford1540d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Foxtrot nah I like remake we currently have speak for yourself

Lore40d ago

Yea and I also find it real odd that no one seems to acknowledge the intellect and dedication of the leadership team on this project. It’s not every day you create a game like FFVII Remake. Say what you will about Nomura and the rest, it is amazing what they are doing with the alternate timelines thus far. Plus for those who are paying extra attention to the lore, how can you not tip your hats to the Whisper Rubrum, Whisper Viridi, and Whisper Croceo bombshell. The subtle easter eggs combined with making these characters even more beloved than ever before due to their choice of design (especially sephiroth’s new look) voice casting, and writing is only part the magic.

TheRealTedCruz40d ago

A remaster is typically taking an older game, upping the resolution, cleaning up textures, and maybe improving the framerate.
A remake is typically rebuilding a game from the ground up; whether through a new engine, or the implementation of modernized tools that drastically change the look of the game. Maybe throw in some quality of life changes for good measure.

FF7 "Remake" is most definitely a reboot of FF7. They changed the combat system, entirely, and altered the story and the lore. They may have kept the framework of the story, and the world, itself, but everything else is a large deviation from the original release.

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SenorFartCushion40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Or not a lot of people get it.

Outside of the fact that a remake of anything can deviate from the old story, I think the name means to “remake destiny;” as in it is something that the characters are doing.

Oh and reboot means keeping the same universe and world. The changing of destiny would negate the notion of the game being a reboot.

Shiken39d ago

I too feel like that is what they mean by "remake", but unfortunately they did not advertise it as such. That is why people are divided on it, because they expected one thing and got another.

Shiken40d ago

More like a sequel that has some time travel/ multiverse event create a new timeline that runs alongside the original. The original happened, and now something is fking with history.

But yeah, calling it a Remake was a mistake.

CrimsonWing6940d ago

I think it’s more accurate to call it a sequel. Especially, when you realize where a specific character comes from.

SenorFartCushion40d ago

Yeah, it’s definitely a sequel.

jeromeface40d ago

Too bad they can't execute enough to tell the story in one sitting.

ravenl0rd40d ago

It's a sequel, not a reboot.

DashGamer40d ago

Personally, there's scrutiny within utilising both "Remake" and "Remaster" right now that needs to be adjusted.

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BiofourceGun41d ago

you can always go back and play the original. this particular remake i'm guessing is based on the alternate universe where story is expanded and is probably less depressing.

BrainSyphoned40d ago

It will be more depressing. They are giving all characters more emotional depth to bond with and setting up the hopes for a different outcome.I'm guessing they are going to twist the knife damn hard this time. See you later space cowboy.

Snookies1241d ago (Edited 41d ago )


It's an alternate timeline. Aerith and Sephiroth are the only ones actually aware because they have the knowledge of the Ancients. It's clearly shown by some of their interactions and dialogue with Cloud throughout Part 1. Like Aerith repeatedly hinting that she already knows her fate in the future. The 'whispers' trying but failing to keep everything on course. Sephiroth's Edge of Creation dialogue spells it out as well. It's also why we saw Zack, at the end. As part of yet another separate timeline. He clearly isn't alive at the end of the game's current timeline. It was showing another possible outcome that could have been.

NukeDaHippies40d ago

That's the problem. This alternate timeline, traveling through dimensions and shit.....It's really not what i want from the game, and honestly not really a FF7 thing. There were plenty of bad parts in the game and they were all new (the end was one of the most painful fan service moments I've ever seen....terrible).

I don't mind if it plays out differently as long as they change it for the better rather than the worse as they've done already. Also, they REALLY didn't need plot ghosts to justify some changes

-Foxtrot40d ago

The funny thing is the ONE Final Fantasy game that time travel, alternate worlds, timelines and the like would have fit in perfectly would have been Final Fantasy 8

Like time travel and changing destiny is basically what 8 is about

Omegasyde40d ago


There is fan theory that ultimecia is really jenova, and that FF8 took place before 7.

Would be cool if both were linked.

DashGamer40d ago

I'm pretty sure this is a fan theory that's floating around...

PectoralFlex40d ago

Likely. I know people say “the original is still there, you can always play that” and that’s true, but the original is pretty damn dated and could really use...well, a remake, lol. Like what FF3 and FF4 got on DS, but on a much bigger and nicer-looking scale.

Anyway, the sun will swallow the earth in a billion years so none of this really matters.

SamPao40d ago

I actually did a playthrough like 2 years ago. The game aged really well. Its still great.

NecrumOddBoy40d ago

The OG FF7 is remastered with trophies is really good on current consoles. The game aged very well in fact.

FF7 Remake is also incredible and if they want to retell the story, that is fine. My biggest issue is if they Kingdom Hearts it with wild and confusing story arcs that drag on forever (which feels like they are starting to do with the Yuffie DLC). They are throwing this off. If they just straight out retold a new story then cool but be transparent. When they started out with "FF7 is too big to fit on one disc," and then flipped devs in the middle of making part 1, I knew this was going to be problematic.

Lore39d ago

Agreed, but as of right now this alternate timeline is not confusing at all. So we will see how it plays out with the next entry

Vanfernal40d ago

Ever Crisis is basically the remake those people who didn't like the changes wanted. So at the end of the day I think everyone should end up pleased.

ZeroBlue240d ago

Eh, as long as it's done well, I'm fine with it. Kinda nice that I'm not already going to know everything that happens.

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