Nintendo is Dominating 2021: Will it Continue?

Nintendo is decimating its competition both in Japan and abroad in 2021. Will it continue?

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Automatic7946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Yes, Nintendo has the games and more surprises. I expect 2022 to be the same. Doesn't mean the competition won't have great experiences. Just that Nintendo really is primed to have a solid couple of years.

CaptainHenry91645d ago

Nintendo might be the only company that will fully support Japan and western games. Sony and Microsoft don't care about that anymore. Well Microsoft is at least trying though

mikeslemonade44d ago

Japanese gamer has poor taste anyway. That has been the case after the PS2 generation.

Neonridr46d ago

as long as stock is hard to come by, Nintendo will continue to do well. I expect things to start slowing down a little for them. They are crossing 80 million sold to this point. But I expect another solid couple of years worth of sales before we see the eventual successor.

GoodGuy0946d ago

With next gen being a rare sight from stores and nothing huge next gen exclusive for the year atm, id agree.

-Foxtrot46d ago

"Nintendo’s Direct was so successful"


Shiken45d ago

That direct was nothing to write home about, but it was better than the State of Play from Sony, and MS has not given us anything.

NotoriousWhiz45d ago

I know we like to compare Directs and States of play, but the two companies actually use them differently. Directs are supposed to let us know the surprise releases for the year and get us hyped for them. Sony already announces their releases years out, and state of play gives you a deeper dive into the games they've already announced.

They were both underwhelming, but at least we know what to expect from Sony. Nintendo's 1st half is pretty empty. Super excited for Project Triangle but thats next year.

Shiken45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


I wouldn't call Switch empty in the first half. I just finished Immortals Fenix Rising (fall last year I know, but for context), and my current forcast is Persona 5 Strikers, Bravely 2, Monstsr Hunter Rise, Mario Golf, Disgaea 6, Ys IX, Trails of Cold Steel 4, and SS HD. I am pretty busy with Switch through July, and all the other two have to offer me (of interest) is RE8, Back for Blood, and Ratchet. Calling the Switch's line up empty is a massive hyperbole, especially when I have more to play on it than the other two.

Also Nintendo has been announcing most of there games within 3-4 months of release. If people really expected them to drop their fall/late summer/holiday line up, then those same people really set themselves up to be disappointed TBH.

So saying directs are meant to cover releases for the year is just incorrect. They cover games that are literally just about to release, with a few suprises sprinkled in. There will be more directs once the current line up has been released, it has always been that way since the Switch launched. (be it another big direct, or a series of minis)

septemberindecember45d ago


I wouldn't call Nintendo's first half empty. Super Mario 3D World, Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, New Pokemon Snap, and Mario Golf are all in the first half. Also miitopia if you're into that (looks fun but overpriced imo).

I'd say that's not a bad start exclusive wise. You may not be interested in all of them, but there is more to offer this year than other years for the first half.

iplay1up245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

March 23rd Microsoft is having an event. It is supposed to have some new announcements, and updates.

JimmyDM9045d ago

Sony has a solid line up this spring. For context some games coming to PlayStation this spring that are not coming to Switch.

Ratchet and Clank
MLB the show 21
Kena Bridge of Spirits

Shiken45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


For context, only two of those games interest me. The Switch has more to offer me based on what I like to play. Not a hard concept to understand.

Disgaea 6 will not have a PS western release.
Monster Hunter Rise is not on PS.
Bravely 2 is not on PS.
Hell most of the games I said I was getting will not be on PS.

My point was not to bring down PS or XSX, it was that when people say Switch has an empty 1st half it is a hyperbole or attempt at downplay. All your little list did was prove my point, the PS and XSX have no more to offer than the Switch does for the first have of 2020. The games on each platform that someone prefers and will be bisy playing however will vary from person to person.

CaptainObvious87845d ago


No one cares what you are personally interested in.

"Nothing on switch interests me, therefore barely anything is releasing on it and it's support from ninty is lacking severely." See what an utterly stupid argument that is?

We are not debating you're own heavy biases, we're discussing, objectively, who has the better line up. So when you're telling me what games you've been playing this year and you have to include a myriad of multiplatform games, the look and run VASTLY better on proper next gen hardware, you've already lost the argument.

Shiken45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Your name is not a reflection of your logic I see.

I am saying everything is subjective. Objectively each platform holds value for different people. No one gives a shit about what in your OPINION is Objectively the better line up, because that is still subjective. You talk about visuals and tech, but if someone wants to play something that isn't on the platform, like MHR, SMTV, MH Stories, Resident Evil Outrage, Disgaea 6 (English), etc at some point in 2021 then your arguments are meaningless.

Nothing is objective about any of this, and I never claimed it to be. Only you fools that claim the Switch has an empty spring despite being proven wrong seem to be making such statements.

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ZeekQuattro45d ago

Yes. Nintendo will remain at the top while Sony and Microsoft duke it out over who will come in 2nd though Microsoft isn't really putting up much of a fight at the moment. So Sony will be a solid second this year.

iplay1up245d ago

With all of the new studios Microsoft has acquired, I wouldn't count them out. March 23 Microsoft is having an event. It is supposed to show off new games and provide updates.


And what is Sony doing at the moment to put up a fight? You Sony fsnboys need to let last gen go with those last gen insults. Neither MS or SONY has anything worth playing right now and BOTH companies have delayed next gen games.

derek45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Nintendo same games, different year.

badz14944d ago

"And what is Sony doing at the moment to put up a fight?"

trying to make as many PS5 as possible to meet demand is one. My country is not one of the main regions for release, and I have yet to see any store selling a PS5 here due to shortages. The official Sony Stores aren't even taking pre-orders at this point, that's how hard it is for the PS5 to come by. the only way it to go online and pay scalpers $1000 including shipping last I checked yesterday. and I'm not gonna do that! for comparison, last gen, I was able to get my hands on the launch PS4 less than a month after release.

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