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Square Enix and People can Fly tried to put a check mark in every feature perceived wanted by the gaming community but managed to create one big, wet yawn of the game.

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sourOG48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I canceled my preorder and bought returnal instead. The demo wasn’t bad it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I think this might go the way of anthem.

Hellcat202048d ago

I actually preordered and kept my Returnal preorder as well
I love games like this and it's better than Anthem
Not for everyone but it's definitely for me

rdgneoz348d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yah, Anthem basically had no end game content at launch and cosmetics were locked to the store which was crap designed (among the numerous bugs like server issues). This has 14 new dungeons once you beat the story and side quests are repeatable (hell, you can change the story progression to go back and play old story missions - people complaining about not being able to replay story missions in Avengers), along with drop in - drop out co-op. Also, cosmetics (truck cosmetics, banner, emotes) are unlocked from accolades and playing the game. You also have a crafting system that is useful and lets you upgrade gear or change the firing style of weapons, and mods on gear. And for longitivity, it has 15 world tiers that increase difficulty and loot / legendary gear gains as you play. And that's all at launch. No waiting months for piecemeal content.

sourOG48d ago

I already bought RE8, ME remaster, deathloop and back 4 blood so it was between this and returnal for me.

I picked outriders at first but the latest returnal trailers sold me with the lovecraft vibes and this demo didn’t really do anything for me. I’m already getting my coop fix with B4B. I was expecting more of an rpg for some reason and that destiny/anthem style isn’t really my bag.

justadelusion48d ago

Generic is the best way to describe it

Shiro17348d ago

I totally disagree. I actually pre ordered the game after playing the demo. I am currently grinding for legendary guns so far I have 3 since it will transfer to the full game. Every legendary looks unique and I love that.

BenRC0147d ago

Yup, anthem with worse controls and invisible walls everywhere. Dull.