Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Announced, Here's Our First Look

To end today's State of Play, Sony brought out the big gun! Sony showed off Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade!

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-Foxtrot47d ago

I feel like this is the version I should have just waited to play, even the texture thing...I always felt that was going to be added in an eventual PS5 upgrade. I just don't understand how the PS4 ones in the background could be so bad.

Also, not liking them adding Yuffie in Midgar with new characters. I know the point was to change the story, but things up at that point before the whisper climax should have still been the same, I don't ever recall her being in Midgar. I know she did something with Zack when she was like 10 years old but it wasn't in Midgar or anything like that. Anything after the Whsiper climax at the end would have had a better reason to change things but not really before, they were also determined to keep things on course.

Nitrowolf247d ago

I'm gonna end up replaying it all I think.

And yeah I know, but it doesn't look like she'll interact with the OG characters here. Even still, really begs the question on where this will go.

-Foxtrot47d ago

I just feel it's going to end up like Final Fantasy XV where each instalment will get DLC things like this, paying more on top for the complete experience.

Red XIII was in the game and wasn't even playable, but Yuffie, someone who never was in Midgar is? Seems off to be, just feels like they created the story so people would get excited because of another character while reusing Midgars assets.

If they wanted a new episode, a side story with Jessie, Bigs and Wedge would have been enough, at least then it makes sense with how many times they split up from the main group.

Sonic-and-Crash47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

not only with the Yuffie side story but wiht the other stories which added in the PS4 Remake they completely ruined the feeling and the original story of the game....Also the new characters feel completely empty substanceless over-beautiful dudes without any real purpose or connectivity to the FF7 story ...

..this Remake reallly has meshed things up (ton of bad gaphics -environments specifically , bad side characters , didnt catch the feeling of the original , button mashing contorls ) ..Imo should had be given to developers who wanted to made it with love and not to cash in nostalgia ...Nomura is far from a competent director

kayoss46d ago

Do you know if we can still use our save data to continue to play from the beginning? meaning, can i use all the stuff ive acquired and restart the campaign?

Nitrowolf246d ago

@kayoss Yes save transferring will be available closer to launch

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blackblades47d ago

Ive been waiting to finish or play alot of games until I get a ps5.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Yeah like I've been like that, just to get the better experience I've been holding off

Hitman 3 for example, Miles Morales and Deathloop when it comes out and I still haven't grabbed a PS5.

I can wait if I know it's coming 100%

ginsunuva47d ago

Ever since I graduated school, I found myself with completely varying time schedules - never knowing when I'll have gaps of free time in the future.

So now I just play games when I have the time and not when they're "100% technically optimal"

djl348547d ago

Just from what they shown you are playing during the time between when Cloud fell from the reactor to meeting back up with Tifa at Wall Market.

This isn't changing the story, it's adding to it.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Buy why add Yuffie when she never was in Midgar? Like I said why not people who actually make sense like Jessie, Biggs and Wedge?

It's just shoe horned in so we get more excited over seeing a returning face we haven't seen yet.

TricksterArrow47d ago

@Fox Why Yuffie? Because they are adding to the conflict between Wutai and Midgar. Yuffie is a spy in Midgar and is after Materia. What does not make sense?

Babadook747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

"I just don't understand how the PS4 ones in the background could be so bad"

Um, did you pay the game at all? The BG's were impressive. There was a bad one supposedly and some instances where textures were low res but that's not a knock on the game. Overall this was by far the best looking JRPG to date. I'm mighty thankful to have had the remake to play during harsh lockdowns in my area.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Oh come off it, there was a lot of background textures, and I mean, in the distance where you are looking up at the plates or on the horizon when you are high up where they look pretty bad.

Babadook746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I have no problems with background textures when they depict very distant objects, like the plates which are many miles away. Midgar was gorgeous.

djl348547d ago

How do you know she was never in Midgar?

In the original she was an optional character with the least amount of backstory.

You can recruit her after going through the mythril cave, which is basically right after leaving Midgar. So there is no reason why she couldn't have been in Midgar with her being that close.

Lore47d ago

Plus they can use this dlc to provide a foundation for newcomers and build her story/background (along with the new character) for Part II

TricksterArrow47d ago

Plus, in the original, she sounds like her plan is to join Cloud to eventually steal all their stuff. Like she knows he is a big deal. Now it’s clear why.

Magic_Spatula47d ago

I though the whole texture thing was an Unreal issue. Also, basically everything after the original FF7 game is semi-canon. They're picking and choosing what's going to be canon and what's not. So Yuffie meeting Zack all those years before might not be canon anymore.

Gatsu47d ago

I'm not sure if I like them adding Yuffie to this either. Still looks cool. Also was there no PC announcement? I thought it was 1 year console exclusive.

TricksterArrow47d ago

There's a rumor going on that Square is about to become part of PlayStation Studios. Take that with a very big ole' pile of salt, though.

TitaniumExposed_VIP47d ago

Yuffie was supposed to have a bigger role and story arc in the original but it was cut due to development time, apparently she was supposed to stalk Cloud from the start so her being in Midgar might have been the original intention from the start.

From the trailer what i gather is that her story is going to play out when Cloud gets separated from the others and Tifa is planning to infiltrate the Don's mansion (maybe they will show the events and how she ended up in the Don's carriage, that would be cool)

Teflon0247d ago

This Yuffie stuff ties into DoC on PS2. It's more like additional story mixing it together. Gotta remember while FFVII was it's own game. They had other games that they gotta answer for and some opportunities can play into that. Yuffie joining was pretty random feeling. This may give a better reason for Yuffie's way of joining

Horseygamer47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

have played FF7 RE on PS5 there no texture poppoing but needs to be installed in the internal SSD, but the draw distance is the same but thats normal for PC and console, as the texture issues was hard ware issue not software!!! if you have fast SSD installed in the PS4/pro there are sanificant boost in texture load times!!

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stupidusername47d ago

Loved FF7 Remake and can't wait to play more with the DLC. I didn't play the original so the story don't bother me, and I'm happy to see Yuffie as I was a KH fan for the first games.
I feel the PS5 upgrade should happen sooner than october though. That's really far out.

dazzysima47d ago

Date was U.S. format, wasn’t it?

Therefore 10th June.

stupidusername47d ago

Ah, you're right! Just read the EU Playstation blog and they specified that it was june 10th. Good stuff.

Ryuk_200747d ago

Square dropping free ps5 upgrades with ALL the bells and whistles (4k, 60fps, texture upgrades, loading, lighting, etc) while sony charges $20 for the ps5 spiderman cash grab lol

northpaws47d ago

This guy, finding every chance to jump in to attack Sony lol.

ps360owner0947d ago

He may find every chance to jump in to attack Sony but in this instance he isn't wrong lol

As the saying goes a broke clock is right twice a day.

VersusDMC47d ago

And Nintendo charges 60 for wii and Wii U remasters and you need to pay 15 a month for "free" xbox remasters. So everyone is doing it.

galmi47d ago

Where's your shield and baton?

RazzerRedux47d ago

Doubt it will run very well on your Xbox though.

Sayai jin46d ago

Razzer, please elaborate why this wouldn't run well on an Xbox?

Magic_Spatula47d ago

You forgot to mention that Square didn't even confirm if you can get the Yuffie story segment in the PS4 version. Bet you they don't release it on PS4.

StoneyYoshi43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

It's exclusive to the PS5 upgrade. But isn't included.

Bobertt47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The trailer it clearly said the DLC is not free if you are upgrading from PS4. If you have the PS4 version you get the graphical enhancements free but you still have to buy the DLC. Kind of a bad move to me, i rather they focus on part 2 instead of putting out DLC. I don't want to be at the end of the PS5 cycle waiting for the final part to be released then a full remastered collection announced for PS6.

StoneyYoshi43d ago

It's a small separate team that's making the Yuffie DLC so this shouldn't delay part 2 development

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Hold on, is the Yuffie storyline only accessible via the PS5 version? Do PS4 owners have any way of accessing it? If not, then that explains why they made this version “free”.... you need to have a PS5 in order to get Yuffie.

Inverno47d ago

Just look at KH. Square just loves to split content between platforms. Though if it's free along side the PS5 upgrade then it shouldn't matter, but I doubt it's free unless it's like an hour long extra content.


I'd argue that it DOES matter. Locking DLC behind a $400-500 paywall isn't "free". Hope Sony corrects this.

Vanfernal47d ago

From what I gathered you need the PS5 version for the Yuffie episode.

Inverno47d ago

I mean I personally don't mind it much, but I will agree that it should be available to those who already own the game on PS4. It's most like incentive to buy a PS5. It's nothing new, I think it's scummy but if you're already planning on buying a PS5 and already own the game it isn't THAT big of a deal.

oof4647d ago

The problem is, it’s nigh impossible for those who want one to get one.

VersusDMC47d ago

Well you're probably going to need a PS5 for FF7R part 2...


FF7R and the other parts are timed Playstation exclusives....just like Kena and Deathloop. It’ll be on the Series X unless Sony pays Square Enix a lot of money.

For future reference, anytime Square releases a game exclusively to one console (Kingdom Hearts, DQ11S, Octopath Traveler)’s always timed.

Melankolis47d ago

I can think of few reasons :
1. They just want to make a PS5 game with PS4 quality because when the raw power is there, even with less optimization, less time, less budget, the result is still decent.
2. Sony made a business deal with SE years ago to make this "DLC" to lure out people to buy PS5, and it turns out to be quite useless, because the PS5 sold out everywhere with or without this DLC.

VersusDMC47d ago

People were mad that they made miles Morales and horizon 2 for ps4 as well and now are mad that something isn't on ps4 as well...🤔

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CrimsonWing6947d ago

This is how you should do a Remaster! I hate Remasters, but when you add additional content, quality of life improvements, new modes, and give it to people who own the other version for free... well, that's a hell of a reason to jump back in.

This and Kena were the only things I was stoked about from the State of Play.

CrimsonWing6946d ago

Remakes are different than Remasters.

For example: The Last of Us Remastered is not a Remake of The Last of Us. RE2 Remake is not a Remaster of RE2.

Docmortem47d ago

This is not a remaster ... The game was planned like this from the start. PS4 version was a downgrade due to lack of power. Free additional content is welcome though.

CrimsonWing6946d ago

So it’s a remaster then?

I guess the question is how is this not a Remaster if it does everything a “Remaster” does (improved frame rate, higher resolution textures, and better optimization)?

Sayai jin46d ago

Nah, it's a remaster of a remaster. I am happu for people who want to experience it again on the PS5. For me, Kena and Returnal looked great! They were the hughlights of the show IMO.

CrimsonWing6946d ago

What was the Remaster before the Remaster?