SNES hacker speeds up a game that originally ran at 4 frames per second

Race Drivin’ now looks less like a slideshow and more like a movie.

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Neonridr48d ago

the things we put up with for gaming back in the day. I mean Star Fox was amazing and it only ran at 15 fps.

NotoriousWhiz46d ago

I didn't know other people played this game.

someone7246d ago

Back in the day this wasnt a bad game. We didnt even pay attention to low frame rates.

fr0sty46d ago

Back in my day, we just stared at a picture, we had to imagine the rest of the frames!

Neonridr46d ago

I played a game on PC that was very similar but it was called Hard Drivin'. I imagine it was the same game ultimately.

Vipre7745d ago

Stunts was another game very much like this one.

Yui_Suzumiya46d ago

This is the type of stuff we need remasters of

Imortus_san46d ago

Nice work, go and do some more.

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