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Quote from article: Given the amazing interest in our 'who won 2008' article, we've decided to delve a little deeper into the Metacritic stats. How deep did we go? Subterranean. Until we hit a sewerage pipe that spewed out the very, very worst games of 2008...

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Parapraxis3697d ago

The other article was approved, this one is basically the flipside.
*grabs popcorn*
I'm sure some great discussion will ensue, Rock on! lol.

thebudgetgamer3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

holy crap the wii stinks so much

get over it people 90 % of wii games are awful, terrible, horrendous and whatever synonyms you can think of

it stinks
yea thats the ticket

vitz33697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

2008 isn't over.

note the date:December 3rd.

SlappingOysters3697d ago

I can't really think of any game that is still coming out this year that hasn't already been reviewed by most sites.

Prince of Persia was the last big one.

darthv723697d ago

The ds had some real pooper scooper worth titles when it first came out. It wasnt till later that devs started using the dual screens and touch to make creative and fun to play games.

I'd like to believe that the wii will hit its stride at some point. Problem is, N is holding back all the good code to really make the wiimote and online work right. There are some fun games outside of the obvious first party ones. Quite recently I picked up a game which had horse shoes and darts and skeeball and it played pretty much like the real thing.

The more the devs find ways around N and their lockout on the goods, the more better and funner games will show up.

SlappingOysters3697d ago

So me the Wii has missed its chance to shine. Nintendo has blown its wad but is seemingly happy to just rest on its laurels and do nothing new. They need to get another few of their best brands back out there in 2009 or stuff 'em

Wii Sports 2 does not count.

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brycespitler3697d ago

i was actually curious of buying the beer pong game for the wii

SlappingOysters3697d ago

that is the type of thing you have to do for real!!!!!

brycespitler3697d ago

of using it at a party and having cups of beer to make it work.
i guess im buying a table now.

SlappingOysters3697d ago

Fair enough.

We had a great game with Super Smash Bros. - set it to 100 lives each and everytime you die you take a shot. Obvioulsy you die a lot, so you get drunk damn quick.

slugg3697d ago

Is that ALL of the bottom 50 games weren't Wii games. Never in all my years in retail have I had angry customers try and return new games the day after they bought it that since the Wii came out. "This game sucks" "It wont control right" "My kid started crying 'cause it wont work right"-- then when you tell them they can't have their money back for a new game just because they didn't like it, all of a sudden WE are the a$$holes! Nintendo used to have the highest quality standards, but now.... oh well, at least they are making lots of money, right?

Parapraxis3697d ago

"of Quality" is missing for a reason my friend.

SlappingOysters3697d ago

That is a really insightful post. I never thought about how much of that shovelware must have ended up back in the arms of the retailer

NachosWithCheese3697d ago

As awesome as the Wii is to play the first time, it's not much more than a gimmicky not-quite-next-gen console.

Still, MadWorld does look boss...

SlappingOysters3697d ago

It does look rad MadWorld, it just makes me wish it was on another format.

I have a few Wii games I would love to get around to playing (Super Mario Galaxy) or finishing (Zelda) but they always get deprioritised for the great graphics, awesome sound options on the other two consoles.

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Shnazzyone3697d ago

who the hell starts a top 50 list with the number 1 title??? that's just crummy writing. What is the point of continuing forward to see what the runner ups to the worst game of 08 is?

the sad part about buying a crappy ass download title is you can never return it. GYP! Has this been posted on the other systems news feeds?? Seeing as not just wii has their games listed on this article. No need to imply that the wii was the loser through including this as a wii only news story.

McPerson3697d ago

Uh...yeah. Because we'd all rather sift through three pages of crud games to find out which is THE crudest.

Save your complaint coupons for something useful, my friend.

Smacktard3697d ago

What is the point of this article? You don't judge a system based on its worst games.

@ slugg: It's unfair to blame Nintendo for this. Blame companies like Ubisoft and Popcorn Arcade. Also, I think parents are stupid if they just buy a $30 or $40 game for their kids without knowing if it's good or anything. I know that I'm gonna be a good, well-informed video game parent.

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