New Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - the spiritual sequel to the legendary Jet Set Radio.

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darthv7244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

This and Taxi Chaos show there are some passionate fans of Sega games that are willing to go it alone if Sega aint gonna do anything. I like to seeing the inspiration in these titles. There was another one that i have been waiting on forever (sadly i think its canceled now) and that is 90's Super GP (formerly known as 90's Arcade Racer). A very SCUD Race / Daytona inspired game.

RaidenBlack44d ago

A breath of fresh air. Nice.

ifinitygamer44d ago

So unbelievably stoked for this. Jet Set Radio Future was my JAMMMM and this is so welcome.

masterfox44d ago

Oh hi Jet Set Radio is been a while.