Why Do So Many People Hate Skyward Sword?

With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD coming to Switch, why is it often looked at as the worst 3D Zelda game?

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iplay1up251d ago

I played the first 2 hours or so. I couldn't get into it. I quit playing after the bird part. Never even made it to a dungeon.

CrimsonIdol51d ago

Yeah I didn't make it much further. Those motion controls were awful. It felt really clunky to play.

Eamon51d ago

Seems like the motion controls were like marmite. You loved it or hated it. I pesonally had no trouble with the controls so my experience was fine.

My 2 biggest gripes with Skyward Sword were the lack of regions - only 3-4 dungeons that transformed or changed over the course of the game to provide new areas. Took away from any sense of exploration and wonder the previous games had.
Second gripe is the length. It was too long in a bad way. A lot of artificial padding. Didn't help that the story forced it that way too. Link needs to get X number of this, so he can unlock a door where he need 5 crystals to unlock another door that needs 3 keys etc. Felt like a chore. This is why I loved Breath of the Wild, as it rarely required you to go through so much padding.

Acecalibur51d ago

Is that the one where the weapons break? Yeah no thanks.

Magic_Spatula51d ago

You're thinking of Breath of the Wild. Didn't really get into that one at first. Played it for a few hours. Stopped playing for almost a month. Recently picked it back up again and am enjoying it. Weapon durability isn't that bad. You get enough to replace the ones you lose anyway.

Pyrofire9551d ago

Shields do break in SS if I remember right, except for the Hylian shield.

Magic_Spatula50d ago

@Pyrofire95 Did not know that. Didn't really play Skyward Sword all that much. I fell off after Minish Cap. Played Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, and A Link between Worlds but never finished them. BotW is my first Zelda game in a long while. Taking my time with it like with Ghost of Tsushima.

TheLigX50d ago

Nope, that was breath of the wild and that game was terrible too.

Blade9250d ago

Now sorry Breath of the Wild was incredible. Best 3d Zelda game I've played since OOT.

neutralgamer199251d ago

Motion controls to be one of the biggest reason

CobraKai51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I felt it was boring and lifeless. The same areas revisited over and over.
And $60 for a 10 year old game that will unlikely ever drop in price? Jeeze.

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The story is too old to be commented.