PlayStation's commitment is a huge boost to the VR market

Far from being a distraction to PlayStation's core strategy, VR is very much a part of it

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crazyCoconuts47d ago

I think this is important. With PCVR in a bit of a rut now that Facebook is focusing on Quest, we need someone to push VR for the more taxing titles into the mainstream. I'm really glad Sony is sticking with this - getting PSVR into the hands of PS4 owners was truly an incredible feat.

Einhander197147d ago

Agreed Sony in my opinion will bring VR to the forefront. The Hi res screens alone will be amazing.

Abnor_Mal47d ago

Sony needs to either have dedicated vr developers and/or first party devs to make more must have vr games. Not games that can be played in or out of vr, but can only be played in vr. So far Sony has not taken enough steps in this direction for the people who are on the fence to finally intice them to purchase a PSVR.

Hopefully when the new PSVR2 is released with better controllers we will finally get vr games that are on par with or closer to their first party output.

I am glad that Sony are dedicated to continue bringing us more vr, and did not shelf the HMD like they've done with other devices that wasn't a run away success out the gate. Adoption has been slow but steadily growing.

jukins47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Not sure why your dev has to be either or. And being able to play in or out of a vr is a plus.. sony commissioned a ton of exclusive games for its psvr. They understood its limits. Given the cost and having limited power it wasn't the best but it worked very within its limitations.

So many different types of genres. Fighting shooting with the aim, racing, rhtyhm, puzzle. Games like iron man. Firewall zero hour. Horror games. They got resident evil 7 exclusively on their system.

Like i said theu had some severe limitiations power wise and price prohibited a more technical sound experience. But now theyve had time learned some lessons the tech has grown and they have more than enough power to provide a better vr experience. Its not for everyone i get it. But to ignore what has done with vr is ignorant. I can wait especially since theyre gonna one of the biggest issues which were controls and tracking im sure wont be an issue anymore

Abnor_Mal47d ago

Not going against what you said, and I agree with most everything. Im just saying they need to have more AAA games that are made with vr as the main selling point. While RE7 was good its not a Sony made game and more people played the game outside of vr. Im suggesting that they make a AAA with one of their first party studios that would be considered a must buy, which would increase the amount of PSVRs sold because that is the only way to play the game. While Blood and Truth was a great game and a first step that was all there wasn't much else from them. Astro Rescue Mission was also good.

I would love to see what Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, or Insomiac could do. We know Insomniac have done vr games before, so the idea of them making a game like Ratchet, for example, to be made from the ground up for vr would or rather could increase sales for PSVR(2). Imagine a God of War style game by Santa Monica in vr, a Killzone VR mp game, Infamous, or something completely new.

I didn't ignore or discredit anything they've done previously, im just saying they need to do more. As you said, with the new PSVR and controllers on the way they will provide more power and provide a better experience. Which is why I said they should make a bigger game that takes advantage of the tech and power, instead of splitting resources, time and effort on a game that can be played in or out of vr. Capcom seems to be willing to take up that role and thats great, but we ikely won't see a dedicated vr game from them on PSVR.

zacfoldor47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Might not be a good idea, imo. Will they need a Sony branded VR headset to experience all this? If so, the problem is how do you justify spending AAA time and money on a game that is limited to the userbase of a VR headset? Maybe make the game a hybrid with a VR mode, which while I'm sure is perfectly fine, I somehow doubt that the optimal way to build a game for VR, instead VR deserves ground up AAA experiences like Half-Life: Alyx(a port that could be huge for Sony if it exists).

Also, on VR itself, the promise has outpaced the reality for me. I've spent actually about 2000 dollars on VR equipment over the years, and I find that I play it once or twice and never play it again, but that's just me. I've had more use out of it showing it off than actually using it. I just prefer a monitor or TV.

Gotta give Sony credit for sticking with it though. They must see it as a big competitive advantage.

CrimsonWing6947d ago

Dude, I am a huge supporter of VR. Not just for gaming but entertainment as well. I got hella sucked up in watching these travel channel bits and it's just crazy how immersive it gets. If you can't travel, but want to, this is kind of the next best thing.