Dying Light Update 1.32 Brings New Content for 6th Anniversary; New Docket Code Out

Techland has today released the Dying Light update 1.32 (Enhanced Edition version 1.25) patch! This is for the game's 6th year anniversary. There is also a new docket code for new gear available.

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monkey60249d ago

That game is in trouble. Things behind the scenes are supposedly dire and the game is suffering

dsammy0449d ago

Yea I heard. Every time there is an article about DL2 it’s always accompanied with bad news. I really want it to come out but if it’s completely trash then they can keep it. Don’t want it to ruin my perception of the game. Hopefully a skilled development team picks it up. Just wish they never announced it so early.

Hawk19866649d ago

No new trophies again. Lame.

ajax1749d ago

6 years later they're still updating, but they can't be bothered to do a performance patch?