WTF -- Blast Factor Patched to Add in Trophies

Chalk this up in the 'who would have ever thought' category, but the developers of Blast Factor have decided to add in trophies for their TWO YEAR OLD GAME. While Blast Factor was a fun title to play at the time, much of that had to do with the whole complete lack of PSN and PS3 games during that time frame. Its unique shooter gameplay still gives it some legs, but compared to games like Everyday Shooter and Super Stardust HD it seems a little... first-gen.

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lokiroo4203703d ago

Actually ctorretta this game is pretty good and pretty challenging, trophies almost make it a must have psn title.

Arsenal4Ever3703d ago

im just going to re-download this for the trophies.

Marceles3703d ago

heh wow..I think this is the first game I bought on PSN

andron3702d ago

It was one of the first PSN games I bought too. I like it even more than Super Stardust, as I'm not too good at that game.

Guess I have to fire it up again and see if I can get me some Trophies...