NieR: Re[in]carnation Achieves 3 Million Downloads

Today Square Enix announced a downloads milestone for its latest mobile game NieR: Re[in]carnation.

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Knushwood Butt85d ago

Well, they are advertising it during prime tine TV.

Masterchief_thegoat85d ago

Mobile games, are not my style. but, I’m happy for nier

jznrpg85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Too bad it’s not a console game . I will check it out when it officially releases (hopefully with substitles) but I assume it will have the usual MTs and long grind that mobile games tend to have and if that’s true I’ll quit right away . I am looking forward to Replicant though

kayoss84d ago

Nier Automata is the first Automata game i played. I loved every moment of it. I feel like 2B's story is unfinished and hoping they would have a direct sequel so that they can really give her a proper ending.