Nintendo Switch games are too expensive and have every reason to be

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD costs $10 more on the Nintendo Switch than it did on the Wii. And it's our own fault.

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masterfox49d ago

"The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD costs $10 more on the Nintendo Switch than it did on the Wii. And it's our own fault."

I couldn't agree more, and other several issues in general with Nintendo and the Switch, yep is your fault :)

Jin_Sakai47d ago

"The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD costs $10 more on the Nintendo Switch than it did on the Wii. And it's our own fault."

True. It’s currently the top selling game on Amazon’s best sellers. So don’t expect anything less than $60 for remasters.

mikeslemonade47d ago

That’s just cause Nintendo is greedy. The games actually aren’t worth more.

Nuvem47d ago

Almost every for-profit company is greedy. Nintendo just knows that their consumer-base is willing to pay that much. So it is the consumer-base's fault.

Silly gameAr47d ago

Nintendo can do it, and no one will say a word. Anyone else does it, and it's an internet witch hunt. They're looking to burn people at the stake.

mikeslemonade47d ago

Well each base will pay for it. If MS and Sony always had their games at full price, people would still buy it. They just wouldn’t grow as much. It limits Nintendo’s growth potential.

Zhipp47d ago

That depends on how you define "worth". Nintendo games tend to not depreciate in value, so if you're someone who resells their games after finishing them Nintendo games are absolutely worth more.

In terms of budget, though? Hell no they're not worth more.

1nsomniac47d ago

The reason Nintendo get away with it is its predominantly children who play their games and own their systems. These are the people that are the easiest to exploit. That doesn’t make it ok! Not at all.

It’s Nintendo’s scummy fault and we shouldn’t be allowing them a free pass by blaming others!

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LegoIsAwesome47d ago

Its actually funny on my local game store BOTW is still in full price for a 2017 game.

FinalFantasyFanatic47d ago

They do the same with 3DS games, they're hardly in stores now, but the ones you do see still command full price.

NotoriousWhiz47d ago

People vote with their wallets, don't want to pay $60 for a remaster, don't buy it. Just don't be mad that your vote is small enough to not matter. I wish it was less than $60, but $60 won't stop me from enjoying a great game on my Switch.

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BattleCat47d ago

Nintendo for the Family and for the kids. :) It's a loveletter to all that parents, who don't have much money. That's Nintendo

ocelot0747d ago

Surely that be Xbox lol? I don't trust gamepass. But right now it's a bargain series s plus gamepass is for the parents who don't have much money.

Silly gameAr47d ago

I don't trust MS or Gamepass either, but you have a good point.

Shiken47d ago

As an adult who owns all three consoles, the Switch gets the most playtime. That is why the demographic is mainly for adults with busy lives. Several studies have shown that to be true, the hybrid nature is just too convenient.

CBaoth47d ago

Is that why the majority of advertising appears on Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network? Nintendo in Japan caters to the entire family. In the States, not so much. But please continue to back up your assertions with anecdotal evidence. I find it inspirational!

Shiken47d ago

The majority of their ads have beeb centered around adults using the system, and most people that use it are recorded to be over the age of 18.

Nice try, maybe look up the definition of everyone and realize that everyone =/= for kids if the art style of their 1st party games has you confused.

smashman9847d ago

Yep fans consistently come out in droves to support the games and in the end fans are the one to suffer. In fact I actually fear not buying nintendo's games at launch simply due to the fact that If I don't I may end up paying more down the line.

DragonWarrior1947d ago

That's just the nature of game development. Games cost money, even remasters like this. The cost of development goes up every year and is absolutely nowhere near the cost it was when this game was originally released. That's why next gen games are starting to cost $70. Gaming is not a cheap hobby and you are lying to yourself if you believe it it.

JustTheFax47d ago

Worst take I have seen so far today, congrats!

CrimsonWing6947d ago (Edited 47d ago )

How much did this remaster cost to develop in comparison to something like Breath of the Wild? How come some games launch at a $19.99 price tag like Resident 4 - 6 Remaster on the PS4? Please explain to me profit margins and how they come up with what’s economically viable for an MSRP.

I highly doubt this had to be $60 nor was it expensive to produce. I think Nintendo knows what their consumers will pay and will bend them over a barrel because they just take it and smile.

CorndogBurglar47d ago

Wow. So a decade old game thats already finished and is just having some remaster work done warrants a $60 pricetag? Are you insane? We're talking about a game that already earned Nintendo millions of dollars. In what world is it okay to charge the same as a brand new game that went through full development for a decade old game being remastered.

Yes, game development had gotten more expensive since the Xbox 360 came out, when we last saw a price hike for games. I get another price hike happening now, 15 years later. But no one with a brain can justify charging full price for a decade old remaster that only went through a fraction of development as every other new, non-remastered game.

LucasRuinedChildhood47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

lol. The financial reports tell a very different story. You're parroting misinformation from, to be frank, corporate apologists like Colin Moriarty and Andrea Renee who never source any actual evidence for how unprofitable games are, nor could they if tried.

This is a lazy, barebones "remaster" like 3D All-Stars - it's basically just a port of an old game. Anyone who knows anything about games development knows that ports and remasters are incredibly cheap to do and are highly profitable (that's why we see so many of them).

This port is being sold at $60 because there are enough people out there who are willing to buy it at that price. If consumers are willing to hand over their money for an overpriced product, Nintendo will gladly take it. That's all there is to it. There has always been well priced and over-priced remasters (e.g. L.A. Noire Remastered). You're trying to rationalize a corporation being greedy as being something else.

Think about this logically. Loads of proper remakes with lengthy development times have been sold for $40 (Ratchet & Clank, Crash, Shadow of the Colossus, Spyro, etc) and were highly profitable.

If you think it wouldn't be profitable at $50, think harder. Way more effort went into remastering Modern Warfare 2's campaign (new assets, visual effects, etc) and it only cost $20. Why? Because the market wouldn't have tolerated a price any higher than that for what was being offered.

If we saw the profits for individual games (e.g. an equivalent to BoxOfficeMojo for games), this narrative you're regurgitating would die off.

Games are more profitable than ever. Games development, like the cost of movies, is going up because studios can justify rising costs in the pursuit of these rising profits.
- games sell way more now and have a far bigger audience
- publishers get a much larger cut due to digital sales
- games are more monetized through micro-transactions and deluxe editions, etc.

smashman9847d ago

Lol I defended the 10 dollar price increase on next gen consoles. But you are lying to yourself if you think Nintendo is selling Skyward Sword HD at a premium due to "cost".

ShadowWolf71247d ago

So you're saying this remaster only took marginally less work than a brand-new AAA title?

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CorndogBurglar47d ago

There's obviously nothing wrong with charging full price for a new game when it launches. Obviously lol. There's also nothing wrong with people buying them at launch. If they want it that bad and want to pay fill price, no big deal. But who the hell wants to pay full price for a game thats been out for years? Its just silly. And this is even worse. A remaster of a decade
old game warrants the same price tag as a brand nee entry in the series? Thats just laughable.

Its a shame too, because I wanted to get this. But I can't justify it.

smashman9847d ago

And to top it all off this game is 10 dollars more than it originally costed.

badz14947d ago

"But who the hell wants to pay full price for a game thats been out for years?"

To answer your question, Nintendo's sheep do and they will defend it to their grave!

Lexreborn247d ago

I’m just not going to buy them anytime soon. I’m tired of Nintendo feeling like they are a special grade of value. The illusion is gone that Nintendo quality trash means nothing when you have competition hitting with quality hits as well.

Fraggle198747d ago

100% true. The sheep buy it at that price then they will continue to price them accordingly.