Game Vortex: Monster Lab Wii Review

Game Vortex writes: "This game puts forward its best foot in this category, with pleasing graphics and some cool sound effects. You are constantly jumping around while playing, somewhat as you would expect in a mini-game compilation, with a mix of bird's-eye exploration of towns and close-up battle scenes that could be drawn straight from one of the recently released 3D Pokemon games for Wii, or some Action/RPG titles we've seen. The design of Monster Lab reminded us more than a little of another Backbone game, Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom. Think light and funny touches, with ridiculous characters set against well-designed backdrops. You spend a fair amount of time building your monster in Monster Lab, but the "lab" sequences always break to a mini-game that helps avoid the player being buried under endless menus or number-crunching. We can remember playing games like this in the past where you'd initiate the building process and then sit there waiting until your new creation turned up. Monster Lab forces you to be much more involved, which is a good thing."

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