Why isn't Nintendo making a Bigger Deal out of its Milestone 2021 Anniversaries?

GamesRadar+: "Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda are celebrating big anniversaries, and their absence in the February 2021 Nintendo Direct felt strange."

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Tiqila120d ago

why should you celebrate 35 anniversary? (instead of 30 or 40?) I mean I'm cool with it, as 35 is my favorite number.

Rebel_Scum120d ago

They only have so many studios. Jeez what are they working on already...Metroid 4, BotW2, Splatoon 3 as well as some ports and remasters. Some people think games grow on trees.

oof6781120d ago

Why waste time with that when they have games to announce. It's been about half a year since a direct.

DragonWarrior19120d ago

Anniversaries are nice sometimes but it's ridiculous to expect Anniversaries for literally everything. Mario, Sure. Zelda, of course. but I see twitter babies crying about F Zero, the franchise that has been very clearly long dead and Nintendo has no plans of going back to. Starfox? Why would Nintendo want to make another Starfox when you twitter kids scream and cry and yell for a new one and then you don't buy it? Anniversaries lose their wow factor if you celebrate then every year/five years.