Cheeky Developer “Very Positive” Banned From Steam

Developer "Very Positive" banned from Steam for deliberately hoodwinking customers into thinking it's game had received very positive reviews. In an ironic twist from Lady Fate, at the time of the ban the game had received "mostly positive" reviews.

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ChrisW53d ago

So... If I were to call my developer and publisher "mostly negative" would I have also been banned?

Olly_S53d ago

Lol. But it's an interesting point. I'd say that the negative connotations would not result in manipulating sales positively. Doing that wouldn't make people part with their money, so Steam probably wouldn't care.

PrimeVinister53d ago

Sounds like something they did as a dare or a joke.

I laughed so it worked if the latter.

Stanjara53d ago

My studio will be called 10/10 GOTY

staticall53d ago

It's 100% Steam fault. Sometimes you can barely see the «Recent Reviews» and «All Reviews» text. And reusing same color for positive reviews is bad as well.

All they had to do is:
1. Visually separate reviews and date/publisher info. Like so, for example:

.user_reviews .user_reviews_summary_row:nth- of-type(2) {
margin-bottom: 16px;
padding-bottom: 16px;
border-bottom: 1px solid;

(this adds extra spacing after reviews info and a border, to separate reviews block and release date block)

2. Change 'positive' color to something else, like green
.game_review_summary.positive {
color: #36e22b;

But banning because of that? It's an awful move. What if his nickname or company name is actually «Very Positive»? I guess if your nick is «Overwhelmingly Positive», you better never release anything on Steam.

BrainSyphoned53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Hope they change their name to "Mostly Epic Titles"