Cyberpunk 2077 nude mods for Misty, Panam, Judy & Rogue available for download

DSOGaming writes: "Modders have released the first nude mods for CD Projekt RED's latest game, Cyberpunk 2077."

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Tiqila49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Not a single nude picture in the article. Pure Clickbait.

ChrisW48d ago

There's the link to the site that hosts the mods...
Just sayin'

Tiqila48d ago

I don't need an article for that, though. Just type "cyberpunk nude mode" into google and you'll find the mod page.

Vx_49d ago

LAMO, anyone still playing this piece of forgettable garbage ? Maybe with these mods some will go back for eye candy just to be struck by the ugly Ai and physics ...again

SDuck49d ago

You know what else is a forgettable piece of garbage? Your opinion

Umb49d ago

There's a saying - 'Opinions are like [email protected]*holes, everyone's got one.'

SDuck49d ago

"... But they don't need to be shared all the time"

ChrisW49d ago


Some have two. The second one is the mouth.

Tiqila49d ago

You should try to think for yourself some time. It is a bit harder than copying and repeating the opinions of others, but it's worth it. From your comment it is clear you haven't played the game, so why the hate? I guess someone on YouTube you follow didn't like it?

Vx_49d ago

I did play it, on a high end pc, I forced myself to play through this crap till the last act/chapter then I just couldn’t anymore, It is that bad. There are tones of far better enjoyable games to play than this torture.

Tiqila49d ago

I agree it is not the best game ever, and I also played it maxed out on PC. It's far from being "a piece of garbage". What makes you think that? Bad AI? Come on... Seriously, why you think it is so bad?

CobraKai49d ago

I am. And I’ll play it over and over. I loved it. And this was with all the glitches and crashes on PS5

InUrFoxHole49d ago

Hard pass till they fix it.

CobraKai48d ago

@InUrFoxHole I honestly don’t blame you. It did crash a lot.

anast49d ago

I got around 200 hrs in it and still counting. The game is fun.

Livingthedream49d ago

Waiting on the next gen patches I have it there, but just waiting. Play a couple hours and it's great, but no way Ill have time to replay it later. Loln

enkiduxiv49d ago

It's pretty good once you get past the bugs. Beats the hell out of Fallout 76 and Anthem at any rate. Can't wait for some DLC. CDPR effed up this time but they haven't lost my support yet. Everyone gets one Freebie. Now BioWare and Bethesda on the other hand, they got to earn my trust back at this point.

anast48d ago

I feel the same. The game is more run than a lot of games that have released this year and last for that matter.

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EazyC49d ago

These were always hilarious, playing Fallout 3/NV/Skyrim but for some reason everyone is naked is just comical.