Epic Games files EU antitrust complaint against Apple

Filing is latest shot in escalating feud between ‘Fortnite’ developer and Silicon Valley giant

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Darkborn53d ago

What is with epic? They were printing money and they want to spend years and millions of dollars to possibly print more or not. Why take on the platforms that are supporting your claim to fame.

Jin_Sakai53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Maybe they’re doing it for a cause. Epic might print money buy many small developers might not and then lose another 30% cut from Apple.

Then again these stores are what gets their games and apps in the hands of millions. Goes both ways I suppose.

phoenixwing53d ago

Fortnite won't be popular forever it's long term planning

Rachel_Alucard53d ago

They got rejected in North Dakota and now they run off to Europe. They just removed Rocket league from new purchases off Steam like everyone said they would. I don't see PC as it's own platform as Tim says, because it's an apartment complex that has many platforms within it. Each room has different contracts and servers, so moving between them and removing any of the standards that come with each, has it's own problems that people are against.